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Doosri Maa 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Yashoda faces criticism as she brings Krishna home

Maa’s second written episode of 8 Nov 2022, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Babuji telling Amma that he can’t stand Ashok being involved with Yashoda. Arvind says that sister-in-law hasn’t broken any promises to you. Mahua asked Arvind to be quiet and told Babuji that there is something black in the dal. Babu ji warns Arvind not to alert Ashok. Yashoda says that fate has tied her life to Krishna and regrets that she has dragged her into this matter. Ashoka says that this is destiny. Yashoda says you will support me. Amma tells Babuji that Yashoda and Ashok will never cross their boundaries. She says that she will ask Yashoda not to have any relationship with that boy. Krishna walks out of Kishore with his bag and says the bailiff uncle said I don’t need to stay here. He happily asks if he will take him with her and praises her for completing her words. Yashoda takes her by the hand and leads her away. He saw Ashok. Ashoka got worried and followed them. Bansal and Kamini come home and give out sweets. They congratulate Babuji. Kamini says that the brothers lost, but Yashoda won. Bansal says that Yashoda has won and now understands the intention, that is, to bring Krishna into this house. Babu ji asks her to take the sweets away and says that I know my son and daughter in law, they will never bring that child here. Amma believes in him too. Bansal asks to see them. They see Yashoda and Ashoka bringing Krishna there. Amma screams and asks Krishna to stop. Krishna prevents him from entering the house.

Babu ji asks how dare you bring him here, whether there is any shame left or not. She asks them to kick them out. Yashoda says that I will tell you everything, but for now the truth is that Krishna will be here with us. Babu ji asks why? Krsna cries. Babu ji says that this house is not an orphanage or an ashram. She asks them to kick them out. Ashok says it’s a matter of 3-4 days. Yashoda says no, it is a matter of 6 months, he will stay here for 6 months. Babu ji says you know me, I don’t let sandalwood powder in and you’re bringing this rubbish here. She asks Ashok to throw out the garbage and tells him that this house belongs to him. Kamini says that she doesn’t raise the issues and asks Yashoda why he didn’t think of his daughters. Amma sends them inside. Kamini asks Yashoda why he brought the murder here. Yashoda says that Krishna is not a murderer, he is a very innocent and nice boy. Mahua says you made us fight each other because of your drama. Yashoda asks what? Kamini tells Amma and Babuji that Arvind was acting in his play. Bansal says that Ashoka was the author of the work. Yashoda tells Ashok that he shouldn’t have done this.

Babu ji says kick this guy out. Ashok says we can’t, the court has ordered him to complete his sentence here, otherwise we will be punished. Babu ji refuses and says that we will be punished for this rubbish and I can’t stand it. Ashok says that if the fire breaks out, the whole house will be affected.

Babuji gets angry at Amma for accepting Yashoda as her daughter. Amma scolds Yashoda for taking advantage of her love and ruining her honor. Yashoda says that if I help someone, your respect will increase. She asks what you would do if you were in my place. Amma says that as Indian women we should think about our family. Yashoda says that she has promised her mother. Amma says that he is the accused. She says that he can’t stay here, if you don’t want to stay here, throw him out now. She asks Ashok to explain. Ashok says they can’t ignore court orders. Babu ji says that nothing can litter the house. Amma tells Yashoda to leave the child or leave the house with the child. Yashoda says that when a girl is born, the parents ask him to come to her house. She says but the girl is homeless. Babuji tells her not to give lessons and asks Yashoda to accompany Krishna. Kamini asks if you are not listening to us and kicks Krishna out. Yashoda tries to stop him. She takes Krishna’s hand and is about to enter the house, but Amma stops her and tells her to go if she doesn’t want to leave Krishna.

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Update Credits: H Hassan

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