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Doosri Maa 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Nupur gets kidnapped by Bansal’s goons

Doosri Maa 29 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Nupur giving Krishna chocolates and asking him to be friends. Krishna takes the chocolate and says thank you and I’m sorry too as I thought they both hated me and would never talk to me. He opens the wrapper and gives pieces of chocolate to Aastha and Nupur. Nupur says it was for you. Krishna says in friendship, sharing is caring, this is for our friendship. Nupur asks if you know English. Krishna says yes, a little. Aastha says that you can’t know like me. They go to the room. Aastha throws away the piece of chocolate given to her by Krishna. Nupur asks why did you pull? Aastha says that she will not take the chocolate that the dirty boy gave her. Nupur eats a piece of chocolate. Yashoda takes Amma’s key and asks Krishna to come. Babu ji asks if you want this boy to see everything and plan to steal. Yashoda goes. She fixes it. Ram Babu arrives and tells Ashok that he is her new neighbor. He asks her not to worry. Pandit ji comes there. Amma asks Ashok to seek her blessings to get an heir. Pandit ji looks at Ashok and tells him that he has an heir.

Kamini gets there and asks what do you mean. Ashok says that he is asking about Sonu. Kamini says you’re great. Bansal comes there. He says that the pastry chef came with his truck. Ashok tells him that there is a gang behind the house. Bansal says that he will make the arrangements. Ram Babu asks if any function is being performed. Bansal answers him. He approaches the utensils and thinks that it is Krishna’s car. Krishna asks Pandit ji if she needs anything. Pandit ji asks who are you? Krishna says that he is a servant. Pandit ji asks him not to feel bad and tells him that no job is small. A man asks for water. Krishna says that he will give. Yashoda gave him water. Aastha has an idea to bring her down. She places the car in its path to bring it down. Krishna falls and the water falls on the Havan forest below. Amma, Babuji and Kamini scold him. Ashok helps her up. Kamini asks him to lock her in the closet. Bansal then asks how my work will be done. He then calls our work and asks her to bring dry firewood. Amma says that she is on the terrace. Aastha and Nupur offer to accompany him. When they return, Krishna goes to the terrace. Bansal goes there and puts the logs in another place. Krishna could not find any wooden logs there. Bansal asks him to go to the pandal as there are wooden logs. He calls his man who is posing as a pastry chef.

The boy says that our prey is coming. The bully puts a few drops in the candy. Krishna comes to the pandal and asks for wooden sticks. The thug asks the other thug to search the truck and asks them for candy. Krishna refused. The bully insists. He gives candy to the other bully who mixed the medicine. Krishna tells them not to eat and tells how his mother used to say that they would not eat anything given to them by a stranger. Nupur says that they are Halwais and not strangers. She eats sweets. Krishna takes the log and tells Aastha that she will give it to him as she cannot run fast. Aastha gets angry and runs after Nupur leaving her. Nupur falls down and passes out. Yashoda asks Krishna to get ready. She asks Aastha about Nupur. Aastha says that she was with me. Yashoda searches for her and asks Aastha to check the terrace. The goons pick up Nupur. Store it in a large container. The lid shakes, but they cover again. Yashoda reaches there and asks if they saw a girl. Goon says no. Yashoda says that she is wearing a white dress and asks where you are going to take this container. The thug says it’s extra so keep it in the truck. They keep it in the truck.

No proposal.

Update credit: H Hassan

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