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Doosri Maa 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Inspector declares Krishna innocent

Doosri Maa 28 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins when Ashok returns home and asks Amma why Babuji went to file a complaint against Krishna. Kamini taunts him. Ashok asks him not to interfere in her affairs. Babuji has returned home. Ashok asks why he filed a complaint against Krishna. Babu ji says that I have to answer at home. Arvind says that he has seen with his own eyes that Krishna is innocent. Babuji argues. Bansal arrives there and tells the dream of him. He says that he has decided to do religious work and for this he will do havan. Kamini asks why you didn’t tell me. Bansal asks when you stay home. Ashok says that Havan is needed here. Amma says that they will make havan here and asks Bansal if he has any problems. He said no. Yashoda says that I will do all the work. Bansal then says why he was going to work. He says that the goddess came in my dream and asked me to make havan, but you won’t let me spend money, so I’ll arrange the catering and Ashok will pay the bill. Ashok says that he is fine. The inspector comes there. Babuji calls Krishna. He tells the inspector that he is the culprit. The inspector takes Krishna into the room. Yashoda tells Krishna that the truth cannot be hidden and lies cannot last long. Ashoka asks Krishna to tell the truth. Kamini tells Bansal that the thief had come. Bansal asks how do you know? Kamini says that the thief comes in at night and Babu ji filed a complaint. She says that the bathroom window was open, so the burglar got in. He asks why you didn’t tell me sooner and gets worried. She answers him and leaves. Krishna and Arvind gave their statement.

Bansal calls Lalitha and tells her that the inspector is here. Lalita says it’s good, things will be easy for us, havan will not be cancelled. Bansal says that he is afraid that someone will find out that he opened the bathroom door. He turns to see Yashoda standing up. Yashoda says that she will cook. She says that she will take care of the catering. Lalita asks how is my hunting going? Bansal says that she is talking to the inspector. Lalita says let him talk, after that… and she laughs. The inspector tells Babu ji that he has asked. Babu ji asks him to arrest Krishna. The inspector says that he did nothing. Mahua says who has opened the door. The inspector says that he will get it soon. Babu ji says that he will bring proof. The inspector says we’ll start the investigation. Kamini asks Krishna to wash his clothes.

Ashok asks the inspector about Lalita and Bablu. The inspector tells her that Bablu is in jail and Lalita will not dare to do this. He asks Ashok if he will hire two agents to watch the house. Ashok says no. The inspector says that he will ask the retired policeman to watch his house. Ashok says it’s okay.

Kamini tells Amma that she will wear sari and come. Amma says that she is lazy like you. Babuji mocked him. Krishna talks to Mala’s photo and says how I have to prove my innocence. Kamini listens to him standing outside.

Aastha and Nupur leave the room. Aastha asks Nupur to give chocolate to Krishna and to be his friend. They see Kamini standing up. Kamini says that he is doing yoga. Krishna listens to them and hides the image. He opens the door and Kamini falls out. She asks where you hid the person you were talking to. Krishna says that he was talking to my mother. she slips Aastha and Nupur laugh. Krishna says that we will respect it. Nupur asks if you will be our friend.

Precap: Nupur is kidnapped by Lalita-Bansal’s goons. Krishna gets on the truck to save Nupur. He is blamed for kidnapping him. Yashoda says that if Krishna is guilty, she will punish him.

Update credit: H Hassan

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