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Doosri Maa 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Kamini provokes Aastha for her plan

Doosri Maa Dec 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Nupur asking Krishna not to worry and tells him that his mom and dad will fight for him and they always win. Aastha says that he loves you very much and he will fight for you even if your family members are against you. Krishna tells how to ask her to stop worrying about him. Babuji asks Ashok to find Krishna’s father. Aastha says that Dada ji also wants to know about your father. Babuji calls Krishna someone’s sin. Amma says that Krishna will leave in 6 months. Babu ji wants him to leave before then and calls him Paap over and over again. Ashok says that it is not a sin. Babu ji asks him to bring his father and tells him that if he accepts that it is not a sin, I will accept it. Kamini tells Bansal that Mahua is very sensitive around the house and smiles. Ashok asks Yashoda if Babuji is not committing a sin by calling her a sin. Krishna comes there. Yashoda and Ashok ask him to study well for the school entrance exam. Krishna bows down and tells him that his mother used to tell him to bow down to God but he runs away because he doesn’t trust God but he trusts you two. He says that you fight for me and provide me with everything. He says I only want one thing from you. He asks them not to look for his father, if someone tries to introduce him to his father, he will run away. He praises Ashok and says that he has changed his perception of a father. Yashoda asks how you can run and asks him to come with you. Ashoka tells the Lord that he is guilty of Krishna and that he cannot tolerate his hatred. Kamini comes there and says that your shoulders are sloping. She asks him to give her Rs 1 lakh. He says that I will give. Kamini says that it created a big problem since everyone found out that you wrote your name as the father’s name. She says how they will bear if they find out and says if anything happens to Amma or Babu ji. She says that she is having bad thoughts and therefore she will give him Rs 1 lakh.

Ashok talks to Manoj and tells him that he was forced to write his name down. Manoj says when you have thought. Gayatri reaches there and picks up the phone, asks who are you, the witch who is having an affair with my husband. Ashok asks what happened bhabhi. Gayatri returns the phone and leaves. Ashok tells Manoj that Kamini is blackmailing him. Manoj asks him to tell everyone the truth before he finds out from the outside. Ashok says that he can’t elicit many smiles. Yashoda reaches there and asks Aastha to help Krishna in the preparation. Aastha argues but is asked to help him. Sonu tells Kamini that Mahua doesn’t teach properly and calls Sales a ward and a beauty. Kamini thinks that Krishna will not go to that school. Babu ji teases Ashok and Kamini. Mahua says that they will decide. Ashok asks Aastha to bring curd and sugar. Kamini reaches the kitchen and mixes something in it. Aastha comes there. Kamini tells him that if Krishna eats it, he will pass out after an hour. She gives him a bowl in her hand and tells him that you can know what is mixed in it, then Krishna will study with you as your brother. Aastha comes out and gives the bowl to Yashoda. Yashoda feeds him. Kamini says that he cannot allow Krishna to enter there.

No proposal.

Update credit: H Hassan

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