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Doosri Maa 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Second Maa Sep 23, 2022 Episode written, update written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Krishna crying in the child care center, she thinks of her mother. Yashoda meets the Inspector. The inspector says that the papers are correct and asks her to go to the children’s house and take Krishna with him, showing him her papers. Yashoda proposed vote of thanks. She goes to the children’s house and sees Krishna sitting sad. He asks how Krishna is. Krishna is drawing a picture. Yashoda says that he is good and says that anger hides in the stomach, when there is no food, he gets up. She says that he has made potato parathas for her since Mala said that he likes her. She asks him to eat and asks if he is upset with me. She says that if she had come at that time, she would not have saved her either, she was very sick and says that she is not God. Krishna says that he didn’t trust God, but he used to trust you. Yashoda says that I am very sorry for the pain I unknowingly caused you and apologizes calling him son. Krishna says don’t call me son, I miss my mother very much, she used to call me son very fondly, I am nobody’s son except her. Yashoda says that I can understand. Krishna says if you can understand then don’t lie to me you won’t let anything happen to my mother. He says we have to go to the orphanage, come. Krishna is upset in the car and looking out the window. Yashoda looks at him. I’m mad at you, game….

Manoj tells Ashok that he should have seen his son once. Ashok says what could he have done seeing him, seeing his fate, he will grow up in an orphanage even though he has a father, and says that I have nothing to do with him. He then says that he won’t let her stay at the orphanage and puts her in boarding school. Manoj says that Atal’s father’s love is visible. Ashok says that he doesn’t know if it’s the father’s love or sympathy and says that he is very helpless and that he can’t express his feelings. They heard a child come there and beg. The lawyer scolded the boy. Ashok gets angry with the lawyer. Manoj asks him to leave and tells him that the father’s pain is coming out. Ashok leaves sadly.

Yashoda asks Krishna to come to the orphanage. Krishna sees the children there. Yashoda talks to the warden and tells him that he has brought Krishna. The warden calls him Kanha. Yashoda says I told you about his mother. Warden says I can’t bear to listen. She says that all the children are mine. Yashoda says that she has brought him some clothes and paratha potatoes. The director says that this orphanage is wonderful. Yashoda tells him that from today this is his house. The guardian does not say the house, but the ashram. She sends Krishna with Giridhari. Yashoda asks him to take care of her. The warden asks her not to worry and says that she is in good hands. The warden sniffed the tiffin as soon as Yashoda left.

Ashok feels helpless and thinks that he cannot prevent his own son from going to the orphanage. Yasoda arrives home. Ashok questions him about Krishna. Yashoda says that I increased his pain and now he hates me. She says that she didn’t know that she had bad… how could I leave Pooja that day? She thinks that if I had been there, I could have saved her. She says that she couldn’t see Krishna in this condition, he is a little boy, how to pacify him. She cries. Ashok gives her water to drink and says that everything you did for her, no one does for anyone. She says that he is a child and an orphan, he has no father, his wounds are not yet healed, he will understand that it is not your fault. Yashoda says how to explain himself and says that I don’t know what that person is like whose child will not be an orphan but will grow up in an orphanage. Yashoda’s words haunt Ashoka. Nupur and Aastha arrive there and tell that Dadi had told them that he would send them to the hostel if they misbehaved. Ashok says that I will not let you go anywhere, he is within my reach. The guardian approaches Krishna and asks him to eat, saying who will put up with your tantrums here. Krsna looks at him. Warden says you’re looking at me, keep your eyes down. She says that now you will eat and feed the whole roti into his mouth.

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Update Credits: H Hassan

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