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Doosri Maa 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna accepts Amma’s conditions

Maa’s second written episode of 10 Nov 2022, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with the neighbor asking Yashoda to go to the market to buy vegetables. Another neighbor calls him. Yashoda says that he is waiting for someone. She cries. Krishna says that he will not let you in until I am here and asks if I will go to the orphanage. Yashoda says I won’t let you go anywhere. Krishna says you look bad. Yashoda says that such is life, we should not be afraid. Kamini asks Arvind who is leaving the house for someone else’s child. Arvind says I’ll talk to her. Kamini says that it seems that Yashoda is having a relationship with Krishna. Mahua says that she did not think. Kamini adds fuel to the fire and instigates Ashok. Amma asks Babu ji if she wants to leave Ashok. Babu ji says that he is worried. Kamini arrives there and provokes Babuji. Mahua tries to get Arvind to doubt Yashoda. Arvind says that doubting Yashoda is a sin, he has done a lot for us. Mahua threatens him.

Ashok walks out with the girls and says that they will go and sit somewhere in our house. Yashoda refused to go there, fell unconscious. Krishna runs and brings him water from a store. Aastha also brings him water from home. Ashok takes water of faith and sprinkles it on Yashoda’s face. Mahua and Arvind see her unconscious. Amma asks Kamini to come out and check. Kamini looks outside and says that Yashoda is ruining his honor, now a case will be registered against him. The neighbor calls Babuji. Kamini says that they will both go to jail. All the neighbors care. They ask Ashok to take her inside. Kamini asks Babu ji to call him inside. Amma thinks of a thought. She asks Ashok to bring the daughter-in-law inside. What Ashok asks about Krishna. Amma says to bring it too. Yashoda and Krishna enter the house with Ashok and the girls.

Amma says that Krishna can stay here if he accepts my condition. She says that this boy will stay here as a servant and will do all the work. She counts all the household chores and says that he will stay here as a servant. Ashoka and Yashoda refused to accept their conditions. Krishna agrees to Amma’s conditions and says that I will do all the work. Kamini says that he is a good boy, but we will work a little to test him. Amma asks her to wash the dishes. Kamini taunts Nandu for pushing him. Ashok got angry. Babu ji says your ji is right. Krishna sits down and washes the dishes. Yashoda’s tears fell on the plate.

without precap.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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