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Dheere Dheere Se 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Dheere Dheere Se 28 Dec 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Bhavna remembering Bhanu’s words and rushes to prepare a variety of dishes for Abhishek’s in-laws. Aanchal reaches the kitchen and sees Bhavna working hard and fast. Bhavna asks him to go rest. Aftab gives a loan of 15 lakhs to Bhai Bhanu. Bhanu thanks him and assures him that he will pay him back within 24 hours. Aftab asks him to give a guarantee for the amount and says that if he does not return it, then? Bhanu says if I don’t make it back on time you can take my pace. He’s leaving. Aftab believes that he had to sell his car because of Bhanu and now he will sell his car to her. Bhanu takes the money home and is worried about Abhishek’s marriage. Bhavna takes the copper vessel and cleans it. Bhavna receives the messenger and signs it. She goes through it and finds an ATM in the envelope, and is excited. She thinks that my account has been opened and she cries happily. She calls the employee of the insurance company, who asks her to send all the information to find out if the money has been deposited or not. Bhanu receives a message from Aftab. The insurance agent asks Bhawna about the details etc. and asks you to withdraw the money at night. He thanked her.

Swati asks Aarav to go and create disorder in Raghav’s room. She goes to Raghav and says good morning, Dad said. Raghav calls him junior. Swati thinks to spoil the room quickly. they play. Swati intends to do my job today. Aarav picks up the pillow and throws it at Raghav. His bag falls. Raghav picks it up. Swati says are you here? She asks Aarav to come over for some milk. Raghav says that he is good that he did not see it.

All family members do repairs and clean the house. Bhanu’s younger brother brings milk and gives it to Bhavna. The grandfather asks Bhanu to get dressed and says that the daughter-in-law and daughters are in the house. Bhanu hears the dog barking and is about to go outside. He sees Manohar’s wife and greets her. She runs to get dressed. Bhanu’s wife introduces Manohar’s wife to everyone except Bhavna. Manohar comes there. Bhanu comes dressed and thanks him for coming. Bhanu’s wife says you came early. Manohar’s wife says the way was clear. Meera congratulates Bhanu. Bhanu treats her sweetly and says that she will touch her feet. Abhishek reaches there and greets them.

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