Dhadkan 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update

Dhadkan 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update

Dhadkan 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update

Dhadkan 4th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Dipika saying that I said wrong about Namit, because of my past stuff, you thought about my words and reacted like this. Devangana says it is against my values, so why should I sort it. Dipika says I have your pain and dilemma, leaving marriage is not a solution, treat relationship as work, keep marriage on life support and expect miracles. Devangana says something has changed in me. Sameer says something happened, I feel something different with Siya, some long lasting feeling, of belonging. Nikhil says its good to hear from you, you are in love. Sameer says no chance, you are in love, it does not mean everyone is in love, I want to be in this relationship and give it a fair chance. They joke and laugh. Nikhil asks did you tell Siya. Sameer says not now. Nikhil says tell him before its late, I have to go for presentation, I am judge, best candidate can win. Sameer calls Tania. She asks why are we not going for dinner. He says we will meet for dinner tonight, sorry I have to tell something. Siya and Peroz talk. She says I don’t have any insecurities and pressure with Sameer, it just flows, you get what you see, I don’t need to adjust with her, I can just be myself, let me know my personality. Finding out about, finally I am doing a good search now, I am exploring myself with Sameer, I don’t know its short term or long term, I am just happy, let’s see what happens Is. Peroj gets a call from Isha. Isha asks him to come for the scholarship presentation. He says I am late. Siya says you and Isha are competing for the same thing, don’t hold back, be yourself, all the best. Dipika looks at Nikhil. he goes.

Isha gave a presentation on cleanliness. Nikhil says he is a prodigy. Everyone likes the presentation. Thank you Dipika asks Devangana to talk to Namit once and decide, don’t repent later. She says sorry Namit, I was judgmental, you guys talk. Namit proposed the vote of thanks. He apologizes to Devangana. He says just give one chance to our relationship. Devangana says I don’t know where am I, I am lost. Dipika says don’t go on feelings, you have good relation, don’t throw it. Devangana says I don’t know if I can trust you again or not, be ready, I will not go out, but I can’t sleep in the same room. Namit says but we will try to make our relationship like before, at least we will try, honest. He leaves.

Peroz gives a presentation on mobile toilets. Siya is with Sameer. She says sometimes there is no problem, and we grow it, it is all in the head. Sameer checks a message. Dipika says you must be hating me right now. Devangana says I am angry, you put Namit in front of me, I was not ready to talk to him. Dipika says I wanted you guys to sit and talk, it helped. Devangana says I want to give one more chance because of you. Dipika says your relationship should not break because of me, its only reason can’t be me if you are giving it second chance. Devangana says it will be difficult, everything was a lie, I want to see if our relationship has the strength to go away, I don’t want to keep any remorse, fear is for two moment, but regret is for life. . Nikhil asks Peroz and Isha to compete, well done, the panel likes their research, only one of them can get a scholarship, can make the final pitch. Isha stops Peroz from saying anything. Everyone clapped for him. Peroz talks about his project. Everyone applauds. Nikhil and the panel decide. Nikhil says we have a winner, panel thinks Peroz’s project is the best, congratulations Peroz is winner. Peroz thanks him. Nikhil says Isha tried a lot. Isha says congratulations. He greets Peroz and leaves.

Sameer says I want you to meet someone. Siya asks who. He says Tania. Isha gets sad and says I need to pamper myself, I am very upset, I lost. Peroz asks her to sit. He says I thought you will win this scholarship and planned a surprise for you, one of us won, it is over, it is your call whether you want to come for dinner or not . he goes. She checks the gift. Sameer and Siya come to meet Tania. Sameer says Tania is my niece. Siya says you could have told about Tania earlier. He asks do you think so…. Tania asks can I call you Siya. Siya says yes. Tania says he thinks he is James Bond, he keeps secret. She introduces her BF Vivaan. He says I will not waste time on you, we are going on movie date. She asks Sameer to stay with Siya. Sameer says I want her back by 12 o’clock. He threatens Nivan. Tania goes with Nivaan. Sameer says she is just 18 years old, she lost her parents at a very young age, I am her only guardian, I don’t want her to feel different, that she is not my priority, so I took a long time. I can’t handle Tania and my partner, I never want her to feel neglected, now I feel scared, I’ve made it. Siya asks what do you mean. Sameer says I will sound quick, I feel it for you, I never felt it for anyone, it feels right, I can’t get you out of my head, forget about accidental, if If you’re interested we can have a meaningful relationship, did I scare you. Siya says no, you surprised me, I feel this much, I really like you, I am in a relationship where I can value myself, I want to enjoy it and do it to the fullest. want to live with, are you ok with that. He says yes it is wonderful, your confidence suits you. Siya says you want to dance. They go to dance. This is a story of love…. plays…

Dipika is with Nikhil in the lab. She tells about the lobsters. She says that I am growing in life, but not in personal life, I am afraid, what will happen if I rely on someone. They say I bow down to myself, I need someone when I don’t get support in myself, life is like a sand storm, when a person is alone, the way goes astray, when someone is with me Helps you navigate. She says when two people are together and fall alone, it is bad, I am scared of it. He says that fear is good, when we do not want to lose anything, when a person’s heart is broken, he becomes wise. He holds her hand and says what we have is real, you bring a new meaning to my life, I just want to walk holding your hand. Dipika says I am walking on a difficult path. He says to a large extent, it is our choice to take it easy, you have to decide. She says I want to simplify, I want to discuss my life with you every day, I don’t want to regret in life, so let’s walk together by holding hands, let’s see where we reach. He says that I have not heard anything more romantic than this. He keeps her close and says this time we will not go to restro bar. They hug.

Deepika says our life, our choice, it is our choice. Devangana signs the divorce papers. She says I have given it one year, I thought I and Namit will cross it, I could not compromise on my morals. Dipika says you both will be great parents, stay friends, should depend on you. Devangana says I am divorced twice. Dipika says you are not helpless, you are free.

Sameer says hurry up, the place should look beautiful, it should be a perfect wedding. Nikhil says you have made right arrangement, do you think we will be here. Sameer says never say never. They try champagne and say that the grooms party. Siya gets ready. Peroz and Isha are in the hospital. The girls look at him and smile. Isha says I have a right on this smile. They say that you made these rules last year. She says there are no rules now. Dipika gets a call from Vikrant. He says ER head suits you, you are flowing. She asks how are you. He says relax, I wanted to see your face when I say this, I am doing better now, I have started a new life, I am driving ambulance service in villagers and also paramedic training. She says I am very happy for you. He says I am happy to tell you the reason for happiness. She asks are you happy. It is said that happiness is a journey, I am trying, what is yours? She says I want to tell you something. Sameer says I thought it happened two months back, it was a huge fight. Nikhil says yes. Sameer says I got clarity with this. Nikhil says yes, we are here. They act and drink.

Chakraborty asks what are you doing here. Dipika says an emergency surgery was done, work is my life support. He says you have changed a lot in one year, you will prove me wrong till I retire, go now, you are getting late. He goes in for surgery.

She calls her mother. She sees a saree in the bag. Nikhil gets ready. Veer says you look good but such a waste, he is out of market. Nikhil says I am marrying the one I love, I am fine. Veer says don’t say that to Dipika, I am just joking. Sameer says we will see. Abhay and Ansari attend the wedding. They hug. Ansari says clinic is going well, how is Sr. Sathe. Abhay says he is brilliant, I learn a lot from him, I am happy for Dipika, she finally found her true love, she had a dream, she got a dream man. Ansari says I don’t think she will get married, I really think so. Abhay laughed. Ansari says put a bet, she will not marry. Abhay says she will come, she knows Nikhil is the best for her, I am sure. Dipika sends an audio message to her mother. She says today is my marriage, I want to hold your hand, but you are not coming, you did not let Bhaiya and Bhabhi come. She cries.

Nikhil meets his mother and sister. Sameer congratulates him. His sister asks where is the bride Deepika. Nikhil asks did she not come. She says she likes surgery, she will be late. Her mother says that she has to come to his wedding. He says that she will come. They say that girls retreat at the time of marriage. His sister says that their fights are entertainment, you forgot what happened when they hosted the dinner party. Sameer jokes.

Nikhil tells his mother not to worry, Dipika will come, she gets confidence from her surgery. Sameer goes and calls Devangana. He says that Deepika is late. She asks if, she didn’t reach, I will find out. She goes to the locker room. She sees Dipika crying. She asks him to drink water before. Dipika says my family is not coming. Devangana pacifies him.

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