Choti Sarrdaarni 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Sahar learns the truth

Choti Sarrdaarni 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Sahar learns the truth

Choti Sarrdaarni 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Sahar learns the truth

Choti Sarrdaarni 6th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Zoravar in the car, and remembering Dolly and Scarlett’s words. He comes to Kulwant’s house in search of Mannat and asks his manager if she stays here. Mannat gives Baljeet lemonade. Baljeet proposed vote of thanks. Zoravar comes in. Mannat gets worried seeing him and comes to him and asks why did he come here? He says I came to meet you and asks what is she doing in Kulwant aunty house. Mannat burns something so that her father does not see Zoravar. She asks him to leave. Zorawar says I have come to return your favor and says my personal investigator will search your family. Mannat asks him to solve his personal problems. Zoravar says I came to know everything about your father, and says he is Baljeet. Baljeet asks who is he? He could not see Zoravar. Zorawar asks is Bittu uncle your father. Mannat says that she does not want his help and asks Zoravar to leave. A boy comes and asks who are you talking to? Mannat tells herself. Baljeet says villagers will tie you to the tree, thinking that he has. Mannat asks Zorawar to keep the truth with him and says that I am no longer Mannat but Manpreet. Zoravar says that there is not much difference between the two names. Karan comes to Mannat to get his ball. Mannat gives his ball. Zoravar asks why she wants to hide the truth. Mannat says that she does not want his help. He extends his hand. Mannat shakes him with her. Zoravar says I will not tell anyone, and will remember that you are Manpreet and not Mannat. He asks her to stay away from him and not interfere in the work of his company. Mannat gets angry and says that he will fall in dirty water. Zoravar sets foot in the mud and leaves.

Ginni and Jeetu tell Sahar that they talked about Manpreet’s alliance with someone, but Kulwant gets angry and says that she will not marry her to another boy. Sahar learns that Manpreet is Mannat and sees that Kulwant is feeding Mannat with his hand. His eyes become moist and emotional. She thinks she is my sister Mannat and thinks to hug her, but stops herself thinking that Nani has not told her. She thinks that Kulwant should tell everything to her. Mannat gets a call and she tells Kulwant that she will go and meet the workers. The city hides. The wish goes. Sahar comes to Kulwant and asks if she is eating alone. Kulwant says she was hungry so thought of eating. Sahar says as soon as the tenant came, the workload increased for you. Kulwant says yes. Sahar says don’t feel bad, why did you bring Manpreet here? Kulwant says what to think, they have supported him. Sehar says she got her family, you got your granddaughter and I got my sister. She says I mean to say she is like your granddaughter. Kulwant says you are right. Sahar makes her to confess that Manpreet is Mannat.

The husbands of the laborers try to persuade them to persuade them to work on the machines. Mannat says he runs your house, and wants his happiness which is in his art. The husband tells that he has to fill his stomach. He says that Zoravar is generous in sending machines so that they can get the job done and save time. Zoravar comes there and asks why is she interfering. She says wherever anything goes wrong she will intervene. Activists say they do not want to compromise. Zoravar tells them to think that art will give them peace and money will give them comfort in their lives. Mannat asks them not to listen to him and says you will repent. She says I have already got them a new contract and says she has given us, our first order. There comes a man. She says that these women will work for her now. Mannat says they can start working from tomorrow and this company is giving them more money than your company. Zoravar says how will they run the house with just one order. He says that he will open his own factory. Mannat says I will see. Zorawar remembers his father’s negative words towards him. He breaks the glass window in anger. Mannat runs to see his injured hand. She takes turmeric from Aarti’s plate and applies it on his hand. He takes back his hand. Mannat says that if you reduce the pain inside you, then your problems will go away. He leaves and tries to start his car. Mannat smiles as he gets down and leaves.

Sahar calls Kulwant outside and says that I have found my sister Mannat. Kulwant asks did he come to know that Manpreet is Mannat. A girl comes there and hugs Kulwant as Dadi. Kulwant says she is not Mannat and is fooling you. Sehar says that he has the same mark on his hand as well. Kulwant says it is ink mark, I will wash it with water. She washes her hands. Sehar says she is Mannat. Kulwant says she cannot be Mannat, because Manpreet is Mannat. Sehar says I knew Manpreet is Mannat, just wanted to know from your mouth. Kulwant apologizes and says I should have told you earlier. Sehar says right. Mannat comes there and says we will go home together. Kulwant tells him that Sehar. Mannat asks if they were going for shopping. Kulwant says Sehar got to know everything. Sahar hugs Mannat. Mannat looks emotional.

Precap: Sahar reveals the truth to the family members that Manpreet is Bittu’s maternal uncle’s daughter Manpreet. Everyone is surprised.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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