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Choti Sarrdaarni 26 February 2022 written episode update

Choti Sarrdaarni 26 February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

scene 1
Sehar is ready. Kulwant says you are looking very beautiful. Prince says sehar you are looking great, he kisses her cheek. Rajveer also comes. The prince holds her hand. He says dad where are you going? He says out for work. Rajkumar says come back soon. Then we will go to our home in New Wales. Gullu says he will not go anywhere. If he goes, he will also go to Sahar. The prince says why would she? His uncle will stay with him. Gullu says he is my Raj Jiju, he will not go anywhere. Prince says will you leave me dad and listen to the street? Will you stay with Gullu? The prince held his leg. Rajveer says I have to go to work. We’ll build your Lego castle when I get back. He leaves. Sehar says you all go, we will come back in a while. Prince says daddy your wallet. your watch.

Rajveer says thank you. Rajkumar says come back soon. Rajveer is holding Sehar’s hand and leaves. Prince says mama why are you not going with papa? What happened? She says you were asking why daddy was not with you? Sehar took him into custody. She kept him, she would take him again. She won’t let him come with her. Rajkumar says he will never leave me. Khushi says go and see how bad she is. Be around them, you will know everything. She holds the prince in the trunk. Harleen looks at her. Harleen calls her and says you put Prince in Sehar’s car? She says that she will see Sahar and Raj as a couple. Harleen says it is not fine. What if something happened to him? Khushi says I did not think that much. Robbie says you can give it to us. I hope he is safe. Khushi says god please save my prince. Harleen says I want Khushi to be in my control and trust me.

scene 2
Sehar and Rajveer reach the Babbar mansion. Sehar says that everything is changing every day. I don’t know how to handle these things forever. Rajveer holds her hand and says we will all handle it together. He kisses her hand. Sahar and Rajveer come out of the car. The prince also entered. Harleen says where is Rajkumar? Robbie says let me find her. The reporter asks Sehar and Rajveer, you both love and respect each other a lot. Sehar says Raj is my world. He makes big problems small. He inspires me every day. our love is forever. The prince sees them. Rajveer and Sahar get photographed together. The prince sheds tears seeing them together. He remembers what Khushi had said. The prince goes to them and pushes Sahar. He says go away from my father. Rajveer holds Sehar. Prince says papa why did you do this? You took my father away from me. The media records it. Prince says he is my father, he is nothing to you.

Reporter asks Rajveer who is this? Why is he calling you dad? Whose child is this? Rajveer asks them to go aside. The prince runs. Kulwant media runs. Happiness comes there. Rajveer Khushi says how did Prince come here and alone? What does she say? Prince came here? I couldn’t find him at home so I came here to find him. I thought he must have followed you. You both did it. He can’t live without you and he follows you. Dolly says how selfish you both are. Why did you two have to come here? poor child. Kulwant says it is not his fault. Dolly says do your own work. They fight. Kulwant says it was decided that they will come here together. The prince was sent here. Khushi says why will I risk my son’s life? Rajkumar cannot live without Raj. He must have come himself but they cannot care. Are you happy now sir? Because both of you were putting my son at risk. You two could live without each other and take care of him. Rajveer says he is your son and your responsibility.

Khushi says you are her father, it is your responsibility too. But you don’t have time. Sehar says enough. Blaming us will not take away your responsibility. Don’t think that I do not understand what you are trying to say. If you had cared for him, you would not have invited him here. You are using that kid against us so can’t react. Dolly says she is a mother. Sehar says I was like that too. But I would never involve my child in such a matter. Lots of drama for my marriage. You all made a joke. Let’s make it clear once and for all. Rajveer doesn’t need to prove anything. I know he didn’t do anything. You need proof. So let’s get the maternity test done. Khushi says okay let’s do it. Sahar grabbed Rajveer’s hand.

scene 3
The prince walks on the road alone. He says I am a bad boy. Papa will never talk to me. He cries.

update in progress

Update Credits: Atiba

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