Choti Sarrdaarni 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajkumar cares about Sahar

Choti Sarrdaarni 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajkumar cares about Sahar

Choti Sarrdaarni 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajkumar cares about Sahar

Choti Sarrdaarni 23 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Rajkumar trying to open the door and he succeeds. Kulwant and others get happy. She imagines that Harnoor is offering her to take the child in her hands. Kulwant says I will take her, give her to me. She imagines that Tempo will hit Harnoor and scream. Rajveer and others come there and ask him to take care of himself. Prince comes out and tries to bring Sahar to his senses. He says that he is scared. He looks at her bloodied hand. Rajveer is still on call and asks Rajkumar to listen. The prince shows the injured hand of Sahar to Rajveer. Rajveer asks Prince to take care of Sehar. Prince asks what to do? Rajveer asks her to bring a bowl and handkerchief. The prince brings her and puts the wet cloth on Sahar’s forehead. Rajveer says very nice and asks her to cover Sahar with his blanket. The prince follows his instructions. Rajveer asks her to bring first aid box. Prince asks what is this? Rajveer explains to her. Rajkumar says he is scared. Kulwant asked him not to be afraid. Prince goes to get the first aid box. Rana calls Karan and tells that Sahar is unwell and is hurting and bleeding. Karan is shocked and tells that they are stuck in the factory. He sees the spark and throws the chair to break the glass door. The worker stops them and tells that the electric wire is touching the water on the ground. Karan feels helpless and says that they have to go somehow. Rana tells that the prince is following the instructions of Rajveer and doing as he was told. The prince tells Rajveer that he is afraid of the demon. Rajveer and others boast of his confidence. The prince enters the room. Rajveer asks her to check in the drawer. Prince puts the phone on the table and looks for the first aid box. He says that he could not find it. The prince asks her to see the upper part of the cupboard.

Prince tries to reach the cupboard by standing on his toes, but he cannot reach it. Rajveer reminds them of their first meeting. Prince brings the chair and opens the cupboard to get the first aid box. He gets it, but the box falls down. The prince takes everything. Rajveer asks her to go to Sehar. Prince comes back to Sahar, follows Rajveer’s instructions and cleans his injury with Dettol antiseptic, applies ointment and bandages his hand. Rajveer says today you have won my heart, I love you prince. Prince sees that his hand is still bleeding and tells Rajveer. Rajveer gets worried and Sahar shouts. Prince thinks of Meher, applies magic cream to her. he goes. Rajveer calls her and asks her to talk to him. The Prince again opens the Sehr bandage and applies turmeric paste on her hand, and again ties the bandage on her hand. Rajveer asks her to take yellow and blue medicine. Prince asked Sehar to get up and take medicine. He says if you are not fine, then who will play with me Adi, and asks him to get up. He asks what to do and his eyes moisten.

Sehar closed his eyes. Rajveer asked the prince to give him medicine and then placed a wet cloth on his forehead. Prince follows the instructions and tells that Sahar is having a very high fever. The phone gets switched off. Rajveer tells Kulwant, Rana and others that the phone is switched off. Hearing the sound of thunder, the prince gets scared and seeing his reflection, runs to Sahar and hugs her.

He tries to wake up Sahar. Rajveer cries sitting on the road. Kulwant tries to pacify her. The song plays….Prince thinks that Sahar has become weak and is not saying anything. He thinks that whenever I was weak, Daddy would feed me something, and thinks to feed him something, and thinks how to feed him. He takes the matchstick, but puts it back. He takes the torch and looks at Sahar. He says I will go and bring food for you. Sehar opens her eyes a little and sees Prince going into the kitchen. Prince climbs up to the kitchen slab and takes the box. He is about to fall, when Sahar comes and catches him. The prince gets happy seeing her. It is morning, Sahar is about to faint again, when Rajveer comes there and catches her. Kulwant, Karan, Rana and others reach there. Rajkumar asks Rajveer to get him treated. Karan goes to call the doctor. Harleen comes there and hugs Prince, asking if he was alone at home. Kulwant thanks God for protecting Sehar and Prince. Sehar feels dizzy and sees Rajveer.

Precap: Doctor gives injection to Sahar. Kulwant thanked God. A girl is shown swinging on a swinger.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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