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Cheeku Ki Mummy Door Ki 26 February 2022 Written Episode Update: Cheeku is bullied in college

Cheeku Ki Mummy Door Ki 26 February 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Cheeku asking Dimple and Aarav if they want to see her cry and joke on her. Pushpa asks them to come. Sameer consoles Cheeku. Cheeku says I never show my face in the video for fear of body shaming, everyone trolls me and makes fun of me, is it a sin to be fat. He says no, you were never like this, we know that. She misses Nupur and starts overeating under stress. Sameer gets her checked at the doctor. The doctor says that he is emotionally depressed, so he has started eating a lot, some people stop eating and some eat more in such trauma. Cheeku cries. FB finished. She says I miss mom a lot, I was very young when she left me, I wish she was with me, it doesn’t happen, first mom is gone and then dad, I feel so empty, I want to make myself happy. I didn’t know it would make me feel so bad afterwards, I can’t forget, I look so ugly. He asks what are you saying ask me, you are very beautiful, their thinking is wrong, they will change it, you don’t need to change. She says my confidence got broken, everyone made fun of me, I can’t do anything now, all is over. He says no, never think like this, every dark cloud has a silver lining, everything will be fine. Dhanish is ready. He remembers Cheeku.

Alka comes and presents her the keys of her father’s stylist car. She says this is for you. He asks for birthday. She says you have regained consciousness now, I have seen a fire in you, you have finished Cheeku, no one can come in your way, you will win, I will be proud of you. take their blessings. He says I will not stop till I drop Cheeku from college. Cheeku packs his bag. She says I don’t want to study in this college, we won’t stay here in her city, I don’t want to see those disgusting people again, we are going back, we won’t waste time. Sameer and Pushpa go outside. She says stop him somehow. He asks why, I wanted to take him. She says she lost today, then she will not win again, you have to be her father and support her, give her strength, she was a tigress earlier and now she has become a cat, she needs to be loved by everyone. To face and conquer his fears, only you can help him with that. Sameer stops Cheeku. He says we are not going anywhere. She says you wanted us to go back. He says I want your right, I don’t want to run away, you will stay here and earn name, you will be able to win over your fear, we are all with you. Cheeku says everyone makes fun of me. He asks her to help herself and fight, she is the only one who can conquer her fear. He hugs Cheeku.

He asks Cheeku to go and face them. Cheeku says they will make fun of me. He says they are not your family, I am your family, don’t think about strangers. He shows his true friends who love him and care about his feelings. He tells her to give importance to them. Aarav says breakfast is ready for you. Cheeku asks are you all here for me since night. They say yes. Aarav says I think we have old connection, I will make a new connection. They all hug. Sameer says they should matter to you. Cheeku and the gang come to the college. Nivaan and friends make fun of Cheeku. Dimple calls him mad and asks for treatment. Cheeku hits the bow. Nivan says careful bow, you might get hit. Pushpa asks why are you worried. Sameer says I gave her courage, I am afraid if she gets humiliated again then she may shatter. Aarav scolds them. Dhanush asks if she can’t talk for herself. They say we are in third year of college, have to shout to be heard, the world has to answer, losers can’t do anything, got it. Cheeku goes on crying. Dimple scolds Dhanush. He misses his mother’s words. He goes with Mini. Cheeku remembers his words and cries. Sameer comes to college. He meets Dhanush and friends. He says you promised me that no one will make fun of Cheeku, you broke his promise and cheated yourself, you think you will win scholarship and become scholar, you will not win by so bad qualities, you should Thought Cheeku is lonely, you will misbehave with her, is this your upbringing to insult people, you said you want to make your father’s name shine, do you want to do it like this. Dhanush says you can scold me, not my family, you don’t know my story and have no right to ask.

Sameer encourages Cheeku. Keshav scolds Dhanush. Dhanush says I will do as per mother’s wish, I will not let Cheeku come between my dreams.

Update Credits: Amena

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