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Channa Mereya July 19, 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi challenges Ginni

Channa Mereya July 19, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Darji tells Ginni that he wants to give her a marriage contract for his granddaughter. Ginni asks if he’s joking? Darji says no, you accept. Ginni accepts his blessing and says you have a big heart. Thank you for the contract. Adi stares at Ginni and leaves with Darji.

Darji brings Chimas to the Roka feature. Supreet tells Chachi to keep an eye on Gurleen. Armaan asks Adi why he allowed Darji to give Ginni the contract? Adi says she will go the way I want. Until now I was behind her dhaba but now she will present her dhaba to me.

Goldie tells Ginni we have a big contract now. Goldie thinks Adi is from Canada, so I was nice to him. Ginni tells Gulabo we have to work hard for this contract, it’s big.

The Roka ceremony begins, Supreet takes Shagun there, but Adi stops her and gives it to Chachi. He says it’s your daughter’s wedding so don’t let others act like fake mothers. Chachi smiles at him and does the roka function. Darji blesses the couple. The wedding planner says we should only do the roka of ADi and Farnaz today. Amber says that’s a good idea. He asks Adi to sit down. Darji tells Chima that Adi decided to marry his sister first, so we should respect his decision. Chima agrees. Darji whispers to Amber not to force his decisions on Adi, you should strengthen your relationship with Adi before expecting anything from him.

Armaan asks Adi what he thinks? Adi says she believes her strength is her family but if I destroy her family she will have to sell the dhaba.

scene 2
Ginni prays to her father and says please stay with me. I’m starting a new life.

Darji takes his medicine and says I’m starting a new journey. He calls someone and says I gave this girl a contract and started my repayment.

Armaan calls Ginni and says I’m speaking from Darji’s office. I called you to let you know that we have canceled your contract. Ginni is shocked. Goldie says how can you? Armaan says you have no work experience and no manpower, so I’m terminating the contract. He ends the conversation. Goldie leaves angry. Ginni is stressed and has breakdowns.

Adi tells Armaan that the game has only just begun. Ginni calls Adi and says you played that game? If you have courage then let me take on a challenge and try, if I fail you can withdraw the contract. Adi says, well, you have 25 minutes to prepare some dishes. If you prepare these in good time, you will otherwise not get the contract. Ginni says just send me the dishes. She hangs up and tries to call Goldie, but he doesn’t pick up.

Armaan asks Adi what he’s going to do with Goldie. Adi says I know where he must be. Let’s see what they can do to save the contract.

PRECAP – Ginni presents Adi food and says I even made extra dishes because that’s how we treat our customers. Adi says I just wanted to see if you can accept this contract. He gets up and stumbles, threatening to fall into the fire, but Ginni saves him in time.

Update credit to: Atiba

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