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Channa Mereya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi consoles Ginni after she has nightmares

Channa Mereya Sep 23, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Ginni starts coughing after eating spicy food, Adi gets worried and calls the doctor. He gives her water and asks if she is okay. She shakes her head. He puts her to bed and her soup smells bad. She tastes it and is surprised. She leaves from there.

Adi comes to the kitchen and yells at the chef. Sharja asks what happened. Adi says that anything can happen to Ginni, from now on I will cook food for Ginni. You all can go. Adi starts cooking for Ginni.

Ginni is changing her clothes and trying to close her rope. Adi gets there and says I told you to rest and call me if you need anything. I’ll help you. He parts her hair and begins to tie her rope. Ginni feels embarrassed. Adi tries to close the zipper, but she gets stuck, so she uses her teeth. Ginni feels conscious of being close to her. Adi walks up behind her. He sits her down and throws her out. He makes her lie down on her bed and asks her to rest. He leaves from there. Ginny smiles.

scene 2
Ginni imagines that someone is shooting Adi in her dream… she wakes up and screams for Adi… Adi wakes up and says I’m here. Ginni hugs him tight and tells him that I saw someone shoot you and there was nothing I could do. Adi asks him to rest and says I’m here, don’t worry. Ginni says that the shooter can attack you again. Adi says we’ll find the shooter soon, just go to sleep. He asks her to lie down on the bed. Ginny falls asleep. Adi thinks his safety is more important, I have to find out who the shooter is since he’s bothering Ginni.

In the morning, Ginni wakes up to see him lying on top of Adi, who is sleeping in bed with her. Adi wakes up, they both share a stare. Ginni walks away and says sorry I fell asleep here without realizing it. Adi stops her and strokes her hair. Adi says you had nightmares, so I slept here with you. Ginny apologizes for the cramp in her shoulder. Adi says I’m fine, I’m not afraid of dying but I’m afraid of nightmares. I always had nightmares in my childhood. He looks at her and says why am I telling you all this. He says I’ll make breakfast. Ginny looks. Adi says I’ll make your breakfast dhaba style. Ginni says no, you don’t… have a good breakfast, but I don’t have breakfast before I shower. Adi says, do you want me to bathe you? Ginni pushes him away and tells him not to be dirty. Adi laughs and says take a bath, she leaves. Ginni smiles and thinks that she looks good when she smiles.

The doctor goes to Adi for Ginni. He approaches Ginni and makes her exercise her hand. Ginni cries in pain. Adi arrives there and asks the doctor to stop him, he says that I will exercise her hand so that you leave. The doctor leaves. Ginni smiles at him and says that you’ve always been angry with me, so it’s good to see you get angry with others because of me. Adi walks over and takes her hand. She exercises her hand as Ginny stares at him. He asks does it hurt? she says no Adi forces him to sit down. Ginni says you know you used to have nightmares in childhood and my father used to take care of me in childhood, you are taking care of him just like me so thank you. Adi says I’m doing what you asked me to do, you have to thank yourself first. His call comes through and he leaves after giving breakfast. Ginny smiles.

PRECAP: Pasha brings the gun to Adi and tells him that this gun was used to shoot Ginni. Adi says we have to find the shooter so Ginni can be at peace. Ginni smiles upon hearing this.

Update Credits: Atiba

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