Channa Mereya 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Darji’s life is in danger because of Gulabo

Channa Mereya 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Darji’s life is in danger because of Gulabo

Channa Mereya 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Darji’s life is in danger because of Gulabo

Channa Mereya Nov 1, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Adi looks at the photo of Khushwant and takes off the ring that Gulabo had given her. Amber gets there with her family and asks what Ginni said. Adi says that he doesn’t want our properties and shares. He wants justice, he wants you to declare that you have betrayed his father. Amber says that we can’t spoil our family’s image and that there may be losses in the business. Adi says you did all this by cheating on his father. You’re all selfish and don’t even think about my relationship. He leaves from there. he sees the sky.

Adi sits alone and recounts his moments with Ginni. She starts to cry, Akash arrives and says not to worry, Ginni can’t stay mad for long. She keeps everyone happy, so she’ll be back soon. Adi says I don’t know how to calm him down. Akash hugs her.

Gulabo tells Ginni that if you go to the police they may try to harm you. Ginni says that I have to go with him once, she leaves. Gulabo says that we have to pressure them to admit his crime. She looks at the newspaper and has an idea. She calls the press.

Adi sits down with Darji and says that Ginni wants justice for her family. Sharja says that she just wants revenge. He turns on the TV and the reporter talks about how the Singh family betrayed Ginni’s father and stole his recipes to build his empire. Some people and media arrive outside Adi’s house. They start yelling at him. Everyone yells that Amber is a thief. Ginni watches all of this on her cell phone. Adi asks the media to leave. People shout that the darjee is a thief. Amber and Adi try to get them away from the house. Darji tries to limp out of the house. A journalist splashed ink on his face. Everyone is shocked to see the insult from him.

Goldie is watching the news on TV and screaming that he cheated on my father, I won’t forgive him. Sam says we have to meet with the family. Goldie says you’re right. Sam says to go to your family and talk to them, they need your support. She hugs him and thinks that now we can participate in Singh’s business.

Darjee leaves the house but falls. All the members of the family ran towards him. Darji says I don’t have much time, I want to apologize to Ginni. bring it to me An ambulance arrives there so Adi takes her from there.

Ginni arrives at Gulabo and says that Darji has had a heart attack, I have to go there. Gulabo says that this is good, this is justice. Ginni says what are you talking about? She should go there. Gulabo smiles and says that everyone is spitting on her and so I did. Ginni says you shouldn’t have done this, Adi asked for 2 days so we should have waited. Gulabo says that we cannot trust Adi and his family.

All family members are in the hospital. Adi asks the doctor to treat him.

Ginni tells Gulabo how can you do all this? Gulabo says that I have made sweets, it is our victory. Ginni says I know you’re in pain, but do you think it’s okay? Will dad accept all this? He must have gone to help the darji. Gulabo says I did the right thing. Darji is our killer, he killed your father. Ginni says that I’m in the same situation but we can’t turn bad like her. Gulabo says to go to the gurudwara. Ginny looks.

PRECAP – Ginni comes to meet Darji at the hospital but Adi yells at her that he is in this condition because you, I won’t let you near him. You lied to me, you just wanted revenge and I don’t trust you anymore. Just leave me, my family and my life. Never come back. Ginni leaves from there.

Update Credits: Atiba

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