Channa Mereya 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi saves Ginni from goons

Channa Mereya 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi saves Ginni from goons

Channa Mereya 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Adi saves Ginni from goons

Channa Mereya Aug 1, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Ginni returns to the dhaba and is yelled at by all the vendors to return their payment. Ginni says sorry we couldn’t arrange the money but give me some time. The sellers say that we will give you time until tomorrow morning, otherwise we will not forgive you. Everyone leaves. Ginni tells Goldie that Adi made fake contract documents.

Armaan asks Adi why you told Ginni about the fake contract. Do you want that dhaba too? Adi says that I want Ginni to understand that she was wrong, her family is not as strong as she thinks. Armaan says if you want dhaba then he pay attention to that. Darji arrives there and thanks Adi for taking care of everything at the wedding. Darji says I want one more favor from you. I want you to take over the business.

Ginni tells Gulabo that Adi won’t give us any money because we’ve made mistakes. Gulabo yells that my children are useless. Shetty says I didn’t make any big mistakes, but you guys keep yelling at me. Goldie takes him from there. Gulabo cries and tells Ginni that you can’t pay for your brother’s mistakes. Ginni says that my family is with me, so I don’t want anything else. Ella’s sister Dimpy arrives there and says that she will find the solution. Gulabo prays that Adi does not force them to sell the dhaba.

Adi tells Darji that I can’t do business. Darji says that you are my heir. Amber gets there and says if she takes over the business we’ll lose everything, he’s a loser. Darji yells at him to go away. He asks Adi to join the position starting tomorrow. He’s leaving. Adi is angry and says that he called me a loser, but I will show him my success. I want that dhaba for tomorrow. Armaan thinks I have to do something to get the dhaba.

Some thugs arrive at the dhaba and start breaking things. His boss calls Armaan and tells him that we have started the mission. They start breaking everything in the dhaba. Ginni tries to stop them but they don’t listen.

Armaan tells Adi that you will receive the dhaba tomorrow. Adi asks how? Armaan says you were focusing on proving Ginni more wrong but I had an idea. He shows her a video of the thugs breaking things at the dhaba. Adi gets angry and asks if he is angry. He leaves from there. Armaan is confused.

Akash tells Darji that he misses Gurleen. The tailor plays with him. Akash tells Darji that Adi made Ginni cry, she is a demon. Darji calls his manager and asks about Dhaba’s payment. Darji approaches the aunt and asks her why she didn’t pay for the dhaba walas. Chachi says that he made a lot of mistakes. Darji says that he did his job, he had to be paid. Chachi says don’t be mad. Darji says that he must be waiting for the payment, never do something like that again. He’s leaving.

The thugs are breaking everything. Ginni tries to stop them. A thug is about to kill him with a knife, but Adi arrives and grabs the knife from him. His hand bleeds but it protects Ginni. Adi starts beating up the thugs.

PRECAP – Ginni cleans Adi’s wound and says I have to clean it because it’s bleeding. Adi says that I have sent thugs to teach you a lesson, so just give me this dhaba. Ginny is surprised. They turn to see Darji approaching.

Update Credits: Atiba

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