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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu refuses Ritesh’s gift

Bohot Pyaar Hai Aug 4, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with the media taking pictures of the car. Dolly tells Indu that the car is fine. Someone comes and gives Ritesh another key. The media asks Indu how she feels after receiving the special gift. Kamna tells Indu to smile and tells her not to worry as Riteish will take care of her. Ritesh asked Indu what happened, why is he stressed. The reporter asks: is this your first car? Indu tells Ritesh that she doesn’t want this. he asks what? She returns the main gift box to him. Indu says I will accept this car. Kamna asks Indu to keep smiling and not to say anything. Indu screams and says I don’t want this. The reporter asks her why she refuses to make gestures to thank Ritesh. India entered. Kamna invites the media to lunch. Sameer calls the advertising company and says that he will do the ad for 15 million rupees. Indu takes the bag from him. Kamna asks what happened to you. Indu says that I am not used to all this and I got nervous. Ritesh asks the servant to bring water. Vivaan says that you are a journalist and this is your job. Indu says that he actually wanted to tell everyone first that I’m not a reporter. Ritesh says that I know, I understood the name of the magazine after hearing the world of dogs. Vivaan asks if you have cheated Kamna maasi. Kamna says that maybe you have common sense and she asks why you refused to accept the gift. Indu says sorry and says that if you had told me earlier, I would have said it then.

Riteish asks if it’s not rude to refuse the gift. Indu says that she doesn’t want to be rude, just two words of thanks are enough for her. She says it was a symbol of thanksgiving. She says that she comes in my salary for a month. Ritesh says that it is not the value of the gift but the emotions behind it. She says that I am a normal, middle-class girl with no great desires, and says that my values ​​do not allow me. Kamna says that people die to reach this stage and you are rejecting this gift. She says you’ll be famous overnight. Indu says that she doesn’t want to be famous, since she is middle class and doesn’t want people to expect anything from her. She says that we don’t have servants to give instructions and do our own work. Ritesh tries to persuade her to take the car. She says that our world is different, everything I did was for my Zoe… and then she asks about her fans and my friend’s work. Ritesh invites her to lunch. She says I said I’d come by sometime and she says my lunch break is an hour, I have to go to my office. Sameer thinks that maybe she wants a bigger car and therefore she rejects this car. Ritual wonders what world these middle-class people come from, ruthlessly refusing gifts and calling it courtesy. He thinks such values ​​are strange.

Anjali tells Rajendra that Reddy’s uncle hasn’t paid the 13000 donation but you are still sending him tiffin. Rajendra says that he will clean the Rashi and asks her to understand. She says you do business and not charity. She asks if you made biryani twice. She asks if you eat the same thing every day. She says the profits will be lower. She says I’m helping Indu run the house and says we’re father and son now. She feels some smell coming from the kitchen and has come to the kitchen. She sees Asha making pakodas and is happy. She says that she will make chutney. Indu comes home and asks her to make tea. Anjali asks to see Indu and says that our tiffin center is getting damaged and she asks him to see. Indu gives her the money from her loss and also gives her pocket money. She asks him not to show harm. Anjali says that you have kept this money and asks her to ask Bob ji to close the tiffin center for a few days. She says that she is happy with her tiffin service and asks how to take her happiness away. Anjali says that she is helping you run the house. Indu says to let her be happy in your world. She says that money cannot bring happiness.

Ritesh says that money can buy happiness and he thought about it and tried to get her a car. But he refused, how hard. Rahul says that it is the loss of him and asks why you are angry. Riteish says that she is upset that he rejected her sweet gesture and she feels insulted. Rahul says that we middle class people have different views, he is on another tangent and says that you are rich since childhood and you got everything you asked for. He says that you can’t understand our middle-class mentality and says that if you give something away, our self-esteem will be hurt. He says that my sister and I used to dip cookies in water, and sometimes we had no ration at home for a month. He says whatever you’re thinking, since his rudeness is his self-respect. Ritesh plays the game and loses. Rahul says I have won. Does Ritesh feel that there is also tension about the monthly ration?

Indu tells Rajendra and Anjali about Ritesh’s anger, he says it’s a good thing he didn’t take Jun there. She says that our world is different and says that they are rich. Anjali says that if you had called me, she would have taken it. Indu says that I will defeat her. Sunita takes Zoon there. June is sad. Indu asks what happened to my fudge, if Nikhil told anything again. Sunita says that tomorrow there is a competition at his school. Rajendra says it’s good. Sunita says that he has organized a volleyball game for the children’s father and that all the parents of his friends will come to play it. Zoon apologizes to Indu and says that he didn’t take his name for the competition. She enters. Sunita says that today she is crying for her father and will break when he finds out that his mother is not real. Indu asks him to stop him. Sunita says that he is going to meet, I don’t know if his mother is alive or dead. Rajendra says that you love him very much and then you say that. Sunita says you know well, it’s hard for a girl to be alone. Indu asks her to end this topic here and says that she will tell Zun the truth. Sunita says that the past/truth will bring destruction in the present.

Kadambari is shown and asks where the pictures of Ritesh Malhotra’s house are. She questions why the reporters are sent home after the middle of the show and asks who the car was ordered from. She says that she brings out the truth. The employee says that Pankaj asked the journalists to remove the images and sign them. Kadambari asks if Pankaj gives him salary or this company. She is the owner of B Times magazine.

Precap: Indu tells Vivek that the superstar thinks of the afterlife as a movie and doesn’t know what to say to the kids. Vivek says that she has an idea. Ritesh tells Sameer that she is a flop star and asks him not to make this announcement. Sameer says I’ll advertise. Kamna and Pankaj try to stop them.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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