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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Indu and Vivek reach the party as clowns

Bohot Pyaar Hai Sep 21, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Ritesh asking Zoon what his favorite puzzle is and he says we can draw too. He asks Zun, why is he sad? Zoon says that he wants to meet Indu. Kamna calls the CCA lady and asks if Indu came there. The woman says that she had come, but Ritesh wouldn’t let her find her. Kamna says that Jun can tell Ritesh what she told him and asks Vivaan to take her to the CCA office. She goes there and stops Zun. She asks him to go to Bhavna and drink milk. Zune refused. Kamna says that she brought chocolates for Zun and asks him to get her out of here. After his statement in court, Ritesh says that he will not let Indu meet him. He says that Indu said that he kept Jun with her because of her helplessness. Kamna says that she has an idea to make Zoon happy. Riteish and Kamna go to Gayatri and convince her to party. Indu’s lawyer, Atul, calls Gayatri and asks her to allow Indu to meet with Zun once. Gayatri refused. Just then, Bhavna arrives and says that Ritesh asked to clear out the entire hall for the party. Gayatri is right. Atul, Indu and others listen in on the call. Anjali says that this is the limit. Indu says that no one can stop her from meeting Zun.

Vivek drives the car with Indu and tells him that the party is being organized by his minor Tushar and takes all the information from him. Indu says that today I will tell Zoon the truth, that I couldn’t adopt him because of Moz. He says that Zoon deserves to know the truth and he doesn’t want anyone else to tell him. Vivek says that you are right and says that Zoon and his relationship will get stronger.

Asha asks Rajendra if he’s alright? Rajendra says yes. Asha asks if you’re hiding something from us. Rajendra remembers seeing Kadambari at the restaurant and tells Asha that he saw Zoon’s mother at the restaurant today. Ash is surprised. Rajendra says that he doesn’t know why he came back, I’m very worried. Kadambari arrives at Rajendra and Sunita’s house. Sunita opens the door. Kadambari says that she is Indu’s college friend, Juhi. She says that she went to Canada after college and asks if I can go. Sunita asks him to come in.

Tushar tells Rahul that all arrangements have been made. He says that only the clowns have to come, it is a successful theme at children’s parties. Vivek and Indu come there as clowns. Vivek asks him to calm down and says that no one can recognize us. Indu says that I will see you from June today. they enter Ritesh stops them. Indu goes to him. Ritesh says I’ve recognized you. He says that a star can identify another star, and says that the children will enjoy and especially Zun, because she is very special to me in this world, and says that she will be happy and smile. They show him the thumb. Ritesh asks Tusshar to pick them up.

Sunita asks Kadambari what he would like to drink. Kadambari says sorry aunty, she shouldn’t have come without reporting. Sunita says no. She asks him to sit down. Kadambari looks at Zoon and Indu’s picture frame and is shocked to see Zoon. She remembers their meeting. She says that Indu still looks the same and says that this girl could be from Indu. Sunita says no, and says that Indu found this girl on the bus, a stone-hearted mother gave birth to her and left her on Indu’s lap, and my Indu brought her home and became Indu’s mother. she. She says that we faced a storm because of this girl, and she says that Indu raised her more than her son, now the Child Adoption Center took her away, since Indu has not legally adopted her, she says that Indu is suffering from this little girl. Kadambari is shocked. Rajendra arrives there and enters. Kadambari thinks this is my daughter. Sunita asks him to meet Indu’s friend. They go in, but Kadambari is not there. Sunita says that she was here, where did she go? Rajendra says that the driver of the car is waiting, I will come. Sunita says that she is strange, she was left without reporting.

Tushar reaches Rahul. Rahul says that all the snacks will be according to the taste of the children. He asks if the colors are organic. Tushar says yes. Kamna tells Riteish that she has to attend the party because it was her idea. Ritesh takes Zoon to the party room. Zoon smiles seeing the party. Indu gets excited and is about to go to her, but Vivek stops her. Ritesh picks her up and asks Zoon to give the clowns a flying kiss. Zoon gives Indu a flying kiss. The song sounds…

Precap: Kamna sees Vivek there and thinks Indu might be here as well. Indu tells Zoon that she is always her socks.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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