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Bigg Boss 16 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 9, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

day 38
at 8 in the morning
Shalin tells Sumbul that he can nominate. I’m sorry I said harsh words. She says I know when I have to be with my people. I threw away the flower because it was the only one. She says I stood up for you and Tina. She says you shouldn’t have gotten involved in this. She was talking to him. He says sorry. Shalin says that I don’t want any of you to walk. I have heard ridicule. Tina follows them. Shalin says that I have nothing wrong with you. Archana says that she is having fun. She addresses the two of them one by one. Gautam says that Sumbul is stupid. Archana is absolutely right. She will learn over time. Archana says that Priyanka now speaks less than Ankit. She laughs. Ankit says you don’t have a mind of your own. You do stupid things.

9:30 pm
Priyanka asks Ankit what Archana was saying. He says never trust her. She says I know what to do. She says don’t show me attitude. Bigg Boss asks Ankit to fix his microphone. He says that Archana was joking. He says why are you mad? He says I’m leaving in a week. She says that you can’t see the things Bigg Boss does to you every time. Ankit says what is your problem? Ankit says that I told Archana that she doesn’t have a mind of her own. Priyanka says that you should have told her that I don’t want her friendship. You never support me either. He says I said this. Does he just say one line? Priyanka says I didn’t know you at all. Priyanka says you couldn’t deliver a message properly. She says you never get things. I do not want to speak with him. Ankit says you’re crazy?

Shalin says I don’t want to eat with Tina. Shiva gives him food. Tina ignored him. Tina says it’s a favor to serve food? Shiva says don’t play drama with me. Tina says you’ve started it. You treat people unfairly. She says you do a noble job. Leave me alone. She says I’m not even trying to stop you. she don’t threaten me she says that I’m with you and that you made fun of us. Who does she say? She tells us. Shalin says that everyone laughed at us. She says you compared me to Soundarya. She asks to stop acting smart. Nimrit says you can’t fight like this.

12 am
Shalin tells Nimrit that I think her feelings are false. Nimrit says that Sumbul is very protective of you. this is true.

update in progress

Update Credits: Atiba

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