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Bigg Boss 16 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

day 56
at 8 in the morning
Everyone rises and sings the hymn.

Tina throws things away. Shiv says to put it in the trash. She says I know my job. I clean the kitchen. She says you threw it away. Tina says you know how people work. She says I’m only telling you because I saw it. Tina says I can’t work if there are so many people in the kitchen. Nimrit says then he just talks. Otherwise, you always make a correction sound.

1:45 p.m.
Abdu plays with Stan. He says my pride is gone. I’m going to cry now Everyone laughed. Abdu imitates Sumbul. Tina tells Sumbul that I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. Sumbul says that he is fine. Tina says that she was getting to me too. My father is also watching. Sumbul says that he was very worried about my father’s health. Tina hugs him. Sumbul says that even bad days pass. Abdu asks Archana if you miss Fahman or Saman (chat)? He says things are more important. Abdel laughed.

2:30 p.m.
Tina says sorry Shiv, I got mixed up in the kitchen. Talk to me after I’m done. Abdu and Stan steal the chocolates. Sajid comes in and they pretend to sleep. He’s leaving. Again they try to open the box and steal the chocolates. Abdu says we did it.

3 pm
Sumbul says that Fahmaan fought with me when I called him Saman. He is harassing me. Abdu says sorry Fahman. I can’t remember your thoughts. Nimrit misses you. Abdu tells him to try the Shiv chocolate. Tina tells Shiv you won’t give me a chance? She says I’m fine. She says Abdu, will you be okay? He says yes. Tina says this week is my birthday. I really want to be the captain. Sajid and Stan also agree to this.

4:30 pm
Archana says that Karan said that Soundarya and Gautam were not real. Soundarya says that Shalin and Tina are real? They are pretending. Shaleen says that when the Joker comes around, the world will know. Tina is my friend. The way Priyanka and Ankit are friends. Priyanka says you like her? She says I’ll see when any joker comes. Archana says Vikalp? Priyanka asks do you like Soundarya? Gautam liked her, but you also used to flirt with her. Shaleen says that she wrote it down. They all laughed. Priyanka says that I will tell Tina.

6:15 p.m.
Nimrit cries. Sajid asks what happened. She said that I am very jealous. I’m so tired of taking crap from everyone. My patience is running out. Shiva says that if you have done something for someone and they don’t pay you back, then he stops caring about them. They are not your friends. Tina came to me and told me that I want to be the captain. I have my birthday today. Nimrit says what kind of emotional manipulation is this? we are crazy Shiva says that I played for you. Nimrit says how can he demand things all the time? You can’t spin around it all the time.

Archana says that Priyanka sits inside the bathroom for no reason. She asks to come. Tina tells Abdu that you look very handsome. She says that I bought it in Dubai. I’ll buy you that evening gown. Abdu says my heart… my life. Archana and Priyanka ask Soundarya to go and sit near Shaleen. She says you’re afraid of Tina? I had a fight? She says I’m fine. Soundarya says but you are afraid of him right? She says that we are friends. She says that she is afraid of friends? love is scary she Says wait for the joker. Soundarya says you’re making her jealous. They say I’m single. She says that I have seen him kiss you. Tina tells Abdu that you guys have gotten naughty. See Shalin there. Abdu says that he is having fun. Shaleen says that she’s pointing me to Abdi.

at 10 pm
Sajid asks Tina if everything is okay between you and Nimrit? She is having a very bad day. Tina says that everything is fine. Soundarya says let’s eat. Ankit says why is he making fun of me with you now? Priyanka says if you don’t like something then say so. Don’t do this drama.

Shaleen says that they are trying to pretend that Soundarya and Gautam were open and that Tina and Shaleen are just playing. Tina says they can’t mess with me. Shaleen says it was like you were scared of her. I said yes, I’m afraid of him. She takes care of me. She says I told her I’m all mind. Tina says thanks for giving the information. She left

12 am
Priyanka tells Ankit that if you don’t want to sit with me, that’s fine. It’s okay if my friendship is a burden to you. I have completed it. You were requesting verification from Soundarya. Show me the good things about me sometime? Have you ever appreciated what I’ve done?

1:30 a.m.
Archana says that Ankit is a turtle and we are rabbits. It’s 7 weeks. We work so hard. Shaleen says but he’s a good boy. Although this is not appropriate. Archana says but you don’t need a good one on Big Boss. Abdul tells Sajid that people should use his anger against you. It is my dream to be here. I want to see Shahrukh Khan one day.

day 57
at 8 in the morning
Ankit hugs Priyanka. She says you always fight with me. She says that she was joking. Priyanka says what is this joke? you can never accept She says it’s my fault. She says I don’t want to force sorry. Sumbul says that Fahman and I have a pact, when he is 40 years old and does not get married, we will get married. Sajid says wow. Abdu says it’s a good compromise. Ankit hugs Priyanka. She says that you have to say things to solve them. Priyanka says that if one person is angry, the other has to work it out. Ankit hugs her. She says that you look sexy today. She says that you are not my lover and that I need to warm up in front of you.

Sajid says that the romance ends in three months. Nimrit says that compatibility is important. When you are opposite, you are opposite. He says that the compatibility also ends. Husband and wife should fight and ask for forgiveness. Priyanka says that Soundarya is laughing at us. Sajid says that all people need validation.

Shekhar comes to the house. He says that this is my last session. They all say no sir. He says I’m not Shalin, if I go, I’ll go. I’m so obsessed here that I’m afraid of all my employees. There’s a lot of hate this season.

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