Bhagya Laxmi March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi comes out with money to save Shalu

Bhagya Laxmi March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi comes out with money to save Shalu

Bhagya Laxmi March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi comes out with money to save Shalu

Bhagya Lakshmi 25 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neelam says that if she took the money and returned to her house, she would not be in this condition. Hearing that Lakshmi is crying, Neelam replies that she would not help her and said that this world is really small. Because today he needs his help while Lakshmi will need him in future, he must see that the time has already come, Laxmi stands up and asks Neelam if she thought he had done injustice to her but she is sorry, Neelam replies that no one dares to say no to her and she says what is she worth. Neelam tells that she was present in this house as a daughter-in-law and even came to his house explaining that she should come back but Lakshmi refuses to obey her, with this house all her own. The relationship ended and now he must go back because they don’t give such a huge amount.

Lakshmi apologizes to Neelam for what she said, if she felt anything bad, Lakshmi questions from whom else she can ask for such a huge amount and sins her feet to request for money. But Neelam says she can’t see him like this she doesn’t like it at all, Karishma should take her away but Lakshmi is still pleading when Karishma starts pulling her she falls, Karishma throws him out of the house when Rishi manages to catch him, Karishma is shocked to see this, Neelam says that she cannot give such a huge amount to any unknown person when Rishi says that she is not an outsider. Neelam pulls Rishi inside and then advises Karishma to close the door, Lakshmi tries to plead that she needs his help but Rishi questions what is happening, Lakshmi runs away thinking Going that she will save Shalu on her own, she bumps into Rano who says that they will come with the bag containing the money but Lakshmi replies that she will not give the money. She is about to leave and she will go to the ground.

Rano thinks that he will get his money, meanwhile Rishi questions what they all were doing with Lakshmi, he asks the reason for her crying but they don’t tell anything, he hears the knock and opens the door. Rishi is shocked to see Rano, he asks where is Lakshmi when he replies that he kicked her out of the house and now asking about her whereabouts, Karishma tells her to go back as they have no relation. Not when Rano explains that Lakshmi did this to all of them because she saved Rishi a lot but now that it’s her sister’s time, they kick her out of the house, Rishi tries to question what happened, Aahana is about to reveal the truth but Karishma stops her, Rano reveals that someone kidnapped Shalu and they also send a dupatta full of blood and threaten to return Rishi to the house if money is not received. . Kiran goes to Rano and asks if she is happy because she trapped Rishi, Rano replies that they too came to her house to beg, Karishma asks her to pay attention to the tongue when Rano Gave the same answer. They all are shocked to see the bag full of money when Neelam questions if he knows the result, Rishi replies that she is his mother so he will understand and he is going to Lakshmi. Rano also leaves while Neelam tells her not to disturb her as she is going to her room.

Shalu sitting on the chair manages to cut the ropes through the mirror, she tries to find a way out and so looks to the other side of the box where they are sitting, wondering if she runs through this window. So they will see her but she has to take the risk, Balwinder sees her warning her to stop but she runs away, he sends his men to go and catch him, Bablu questions what will they do if Shalu is not caught Will do but Balwinder tells that they will go and meet Bablu told money, even then the problem remains as he doesn’t know how to convince him, Balwinder explains that if can’t find Shalu, he will change the plan a bit , then tonight he will take Lakshmi far away from this place, this is the night when she will be defeated.

Rishi is driving the car, he wonders what happened to everyone in the house, because Lakshmi just needed their help and it’s not like they don’t have money, yet everyone was so rude to her, not her. Know what to do. The sage states that he has told Lakshmi to call him directly in case of any problems, but she will never ask him for help, and how can she do as he has blocked her contact as well, he sees that a The man is walking towards her, so he requests her for his mobile. , the person questions that he doesn’t have mobile, Rishi reveals that his battery is about to die, he dials Laxmi’s contact, auto driver answers it, Rishi gets shocked hearing his voice and questions Whether it is really Laxmi’s phone, Rishi reveals that she is on Bandra Link Road, the auto driver also shares his location so Rishi asks her to wait for him to come, the auto driver asks if he can help her. How to recognize, Rishi replies that he is a handsome man who has good height, he ends the call when the person questions why he does not give any audition for a film, Rishi thinks that this chapter will end. After he will surely do so, he runs back to his car thinking it is Laxmi’s problem as he had dropped his phone in the auto.

Shalu is running away from the kidnappers and she hides behind the car praying to baba ji, she sees that two kidnappers are coming towards her, one of them is really close to her and is near the car but she hides from them manages to stay, she sees Guddu is driving the van so calls him, she runs towards his door and then gets in the car, Guddu is really shocked to see her, he questions her. How did she manage to get free when Guddu reveals that she was also tied up, but Shalu mentions that she managed to run away, she asks him to drive faster.
Rano enters the house, uncle ji asks what happened, Neha immediately asks if she got the money, but Rano asks them both to calm down and take a deep breath, Rano starts telling how Laxmi was Was sure they would help him but when he reached Oberoi’s house, instead of helping him, they threw him out of the house, even when he begged in front of them, they didn’t care for him, uncle Ji questions what happened because without money they will harm Shalu. Rano replied that he knocked on the door and Rishi opened it, he argued with the family, they were forced to give money, he took the whole five million from them, bani thanks baba ji, but Rano mentions that he should Instead of thanking them, Bani hugs him when she feels that the money has gone out of her house so she will bring it back.

Shalu is with Guddu when she sees the person who was with Balwinder, she requests him to drive faster but he slows down the car even more, she hides from him so the person thinks it is That is the car in which they had to take Shalu, Guddu. Though he keeps driving so they overtake him, Shalu questions how he came here when according to him Lakshmi didn’t know, Guddu replies that he was just passing by when he saw her, So he stopped the car. Shalu asks how did she come to know that she was tied in the chair, Guddu gets really tensed.

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