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Bhagya Laxmi 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwinder kidnaps Shalu from Holi festival

Bhagya Laxmi 17th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Balwinder puts a knife on Malishka’s neck and then flees into the van seeing the opportunity, Aaliya and Riya are happy that he ran away because if he was caught, it would have been known that he had ordered him to apply paint on Prachi’s face. , Laxmi informs Prachi that she has no words to thank for everything she has done for her, Prachi also replies that she too cannot say anything to him because of what she has done , Sahana mentions that they both should not thank each other as their relationship is up, Rishi tells Aayush to leave Malishka while he will take Laxmi, Rishi lets both Ranbir and Ayush know. Before hugging, Aayush asks Malishka to come but then she goes to Aaliya and Riya, she hugs mentioning Riya. She thinks she didn’t get what she wanted, but it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter because they have a habit of getting what they want and no matter how strong the kumkum or whoever’s luck is, they always get what they want. Esire, Rhea mentions that she also sees the same quality in Malishka, she also wants Aaliya before leaving but doesn’t give any answer to Prachi.

Balwinder starts beating him as soon as he enters the room when Bablu tries to stop him Balwinder says Laxmi is going to slap him, does she think he is an idiot, Rano questions what happened when Balwinder replies that Lakshmi is psychic, so he agreed to marry her, even though he had no idea about her clothes, he never liked her, but when he asked her, Rano ordered her to slap her. , he asked what happened. Balwinder told that Lakshmi slapped him and ruined his reputation, Rano becomes worried that if Laxmi finds out about his plan to kidnap Shalu, he requests her to stop this prediction because He didn’t know anything, thought he still had feelings for her. When he went to apply the colours, he slapped her in front of everyone which he couldn’t bear. Balwinder explains that she married Rishi because he arranged the wedding in their hotel and his friends drink a lot, he knows that Rano married her because Neelam blackmailed her, Rano replies that he had married her. Because Neelam only wanted Lakshmi for her son.
Balwinder said that what did not happen will happen now because he is going to marry Lakshmi, he is going to make sure that she lives like a prisoner in his house, he will pay her for what he has done and It will also inform that he is going to kidnap Shalu today as he was not able to do it yesterday. He tells her to let Shalu out, she leaves when he orders his men to prepare the van.

Shalu and Bani are sitting with uncle ji, they are celebrating holi by eating all sweets, Rano asks what are they doing here as holi is to be celebrated outside, she asks both of them to come as it is their in Mumbai First is Holi and it will be really fun, Bani asks Neha too but she refuses to make that her skin will hurt, Bani also agrees to which Shalu tells that if both of them are leaving then she is alone How can she go because Lakshmi Di is also not here, Rano wonders what she can do now.

Rishi stops his car, Lakshmi untie the belt when Rishi tells her to be careful, she gets out of the car and slowly walks towards home, she can’t even drive, she feels restless Remembering how Lakshmi is always there to protect him from any trouble, he wonders how he saw her hugging Malishka, the sage plans to leave, but is unable to complete his quest. He finally decides not to give up so much and starts walking towards Lakshmi. She also stands there and sees her approaching, he stands in front of her and apologizes for what happened, but When he too turns to leave, she moves on. Laxmi standing in the corner remembers how she started beating Balwinder and even came to console him.

Rano questions why they are ruining the ceremony, how does uncle say that it is wrong to persuade them when she informs that he has said this and why is she worried as she knows what is wrong, she tells Neha. She also asks everyone to play with them but she refuses to come but Rano goes to hug her, revealing that Balwinder is waiting downstairs to pick up Shalu, not understanding anything to Neha. does not come, Rano once again explains that he means he is waiting to kidnap her, Neha should not refuse, she convinces Shalu but Bani explains what about Skin, Neha tells that they have a solution so brings coconut oil which will help them, Rano praises her and they all leave, Chacha ji wonders what was in her mind the last time she was so polite what was going on. She wanted to take money from Lakshmi’s in-laws’ house.

Balwinder is with Bablu, he cannot control himself seeing Lakshmi when Bablu advises him to control himself as his real trophy is Shalu, she is going to help him to take revenge on all of them. Balwinder agrees with his view.

Laxmi is walking, Shalu and Bani call her, she apologizes for being late but Shalu challenges her to escape from Rang, Rano also advises Neha to go and play Holi but make sure Shalu Separated from his sisters, they won’t notice it so meanwhile Balwinder will take her too far. Rano stops Lakshmi from wishing Holi, she seeks Rano’s blessings when Rano reveals that she also wishes to apply color on Bani.

Neha runs while Shalu is following her, she sees tray so chooses color but is shocked to see Balwinder when Bablu covers his mouth he applies color so he is not able to cry for help, Shalu Tries to signal to Laxmi when she doesn’t’ To see her, Balwinder sees Rano standing who is also happy with Shalu’s kidnapping.

Balwinder takes Shalu in the car, he keeps the gun and warns him not to talk or else he will be killed, Balwinder also knocks him unconscious when Bablu questions why he didn’t do it earlier as he did it to her. The hand was cut off, Balwinder apologized saying that he did not do so, his hand was cut off. Balwinder asks the driver to take the car to his den as no one will be able to find him there, all of them will realize that he will never forgive anyone until his revenge is done.

Malishka walks into the room, Sonia excitedly questions how her Holi event was, Malishka reveals that it was the worst Holi of her life as Laxmi came there with a cheap driver who was about to marry Laxmi Malishka tells that she is fed up with this drama since she comes everywhere where she wants to be with Rishi. Malishka tells that he also dropped her at Kholi mansion and drops Lakshmi, Sonia and Malishka are talking, Neelam hears their conversation from the door, both Malishka and Sonia are shocked to see him.

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