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Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi’s doubt on Mukesh gets confirmed

Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 30, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode begins with Rishi fighting with the jail inmates. The prisoner says that his brother is in the hospital after having dinner at his hotel. He says you’ve told it in court and he says you’ve stabbed people in the back. Rishi says that I said that in order to save my wife, it was not her fault, I lied so that she would be free and I came here. He says that I’m telling the truth and I won’t stop you even if you want to kill me, because I’m also sad for your brother and other people who got sick because of someone else. The man says that you are sincere and admires him. The second child says that the husband and wife love each other very much. Rishi tells the boy that he will punish the culprit, whoever is responsible for his brother’s condition.

Malishka fights with a woman in the street. The woman threatened to file a complaint with the police. Malishka pays him for the loss of her. Balwinder arrives there and becomes her husband, says that he is cheating on her and finds out about her. The woman returns Malishka’s money and slaps Balwinder, scolding her for cheating on her beautiful wife. The woman leaves. Malishka gets angry with Balwinder. Balwinder says that he loves Laxmi. He asks did you drive after drinking alcohol? Malishka says no, and says that something important happened and says that Laxmi went to meet Chef Mukesh.

Lakshmi arrives at the office. Aayush tells him about losing her. Lakshmi blames herself. Aayush asks him not to blame himself and says that this is happening because of the person behind all of this. Lakshmi says that once we catch that person, everything will be fine. She says why Mukesh hasn’t come until now. Mukesh has arrived. Lakshmi asked him to sit down. She says that she’s sorry and says that she has to put up with so much and show up in court. Mukesh asks why did you call me? Lakshm says that Rishi is in jail. Aayush says that his sister-in-law beat her to it. Lakshmi says that you can fix everything. Aayush asks him to tell what happened in the kitchen that day. Mukesh remembers Abhay’s words and says that I only told what I knew in court. Lakshmi says that you are working here, and Rishi helps you when you are in trouble, now it is your turn. Ayush says that if sister-in-law wanted to, she would have put all the blame on you. Lakshmi asks him to talk about the real culprit and tells him that she cannot fool Rishi, asking him to tell her the truth. Mukesh says that I don’t know anything and I don’t want to get caught up in this.

Balwinder says that if he meets Cook Laxmi, they’ll catch us. Malishka asks what was she saying? Balwinder says I’m not worried, since I’m getting married soon. Malishka smiled. Balwinder says that I will get Lakshmi and she will be with her for the next 7 births. Malishka is about to start the car. Balwinder scolds her and asks her to drive while he sits in the car. Malishka asks him to get out of it. Balwinder asks Malishka to call him a partner. Malishka says they have good business. Balwinder says we’ll talk in a moving car and says we both have bad minds. Malishka leaves.

Shalu watches Malishka and Balwinder drive away. Laxmi tells Aayush that Mukesh is involved in this or is hiding something. Aayush says that he may not want to get involved in this matter like he said. Laxmi says that my heart says that Mukesh knows something. Aayush says to let her go and hug her. Lakshmi says that we don’t need to scare them and assure them that we are with them and support them.

Bani asks Shalu if everything is alright at Di’s house. Shalu says that everything is fine. She says that Ayush is with Lakshmi Di. Bani says that she is Jhalla. Shalu praises her and says that she likes her. Bani says you’ve accepted her. Shalu remembers seeing Malishka with Bani. Mukesh leaves the hotel and gets on his bike. Someone (it could be Abhay) arrives and snatches the bike keys from him.

Mr. Basu tells Virendra that Rishi has made the same mistake as Lakshmi. He says that if he had patience, he would have taken it out. Virendra says that he has now become a defendant. Mr. Basu says that he has become a criminal in the eyes of the law. Karishma arrives there and blames Lakshmi. Mr. Basu says that he will leave. Virendra asks Karishma what to talk about in front of the others if he doesn’t care. Karishma says that he told the truth. Virendra tells that Lakshmi saved him from the terrorists. Karishma says that Lakshmi seizes the moment and becomes big. She says that she is guilty. Virendra says that neither Lakshmi nor Rishi is to blame and says that they are both my pride. Mukesh is about to leave on his bike when Laxmi comes in front of his bike and stops him. Mukesh got off the bike. Lakshmi promises that they won’t let anything happen to her and tells him that she thinks the business will go out of business and many people will lose their jobs. Ayush has promised increased jobs and additional wages and benefits. Mukesh remembers Malishka’s words. Lakshmi says that if something happened that shouldn’t have happened, then tell us what happened that day.

Malishka tells Balwinder that she has bought the chef, but he is able to open his mouth. Aayush asks him to help them. He thinks I’m sure he’ll say it. Mukesh says that I have nothing to say. He gets on the bike and picks up the pace. Ayush yells at Mukesh. Lakshmi says that I am sure there is something bigger there, and that someone is here watching us. Aayush says are you sure? He says we’ll see. Abhay hides.

Precap: Balwinder tells Malishka that he thinks the chef has been caught. Abhay tells Malishka that Laxmi will do her best to rescue Rishi, just as she fought against the terrorists. Laxmi tells Aayush that she didn’t think about the CCTV footage and says that there is also a CCTV camera in the kitchen. Ayush is hopeful. Balwinder argues with Abhay.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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