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Bhagya Lakshmi 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Aayush helps Lakshmi sneak into the police station

Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 26, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Rishi asks Laxmi if she is jealous, she doesn’t understand, Rishi mentions that she thought she smelled jealousy but Lakshmi asks why would she be jealous, Rishi replies that she listens when they love someone and another person comes closer. To him they feel jealous so she asks if she loves him too, Rishi once again pulls her towards him. As he tries to back away, he just stares at her, but she can’t say anything. Rishi mentions that she was just joking and never told her because she deserves to be just a wife as she fights with thugs and kidnappers, she also defeated terrorists, Lakshmi replies that she now she should go to Malishka. She should be sent inside, Rishi replied. that Malishka came here in front of him when Lakshmi mentioned that she had come to meet him, but he replied that she was going shopping so she came here.

Both Ayush and Shalu are seated. When she asks how Rishi is doing, Ayush informs that Rishi didn’t ask how she was doing but was just worried why Laxmi Bhabhi didn’t visit her, she is sure when Rishi When Laxmi sees her sister in law he will hug her, Aayush hugs Shalu too , she gets a bit flustered so she looks around when Aayush asks Shalu if the hug between Rishi and Laxmi is friendship or love, if it happens then Shalu can’t answer.

Laxmi says that she used to introduce herself in front of Ayush because he wanted to surprise her when Rishi replies that he should never listen to Ayush’s suggestion as he was waiting for the time when Lakshmi would come to meet him, he would see her. he was waiting for her, she continues to smile as they both look into each other’s eyes.

the police lady asks lakshmi to come because time is up both at the same time asking how soon is it over so keep asking for five more minutes when they just insist for more time but they get lakshmi out. Aayush and Shalu run to meet her, Lakshmi asks the inspector for only five minutes as she needs to talk to him about something important, but the inspector refuses to allow her, Lakshmi starts staring at Ayush, so she leaves.

Malishka is sitting on the bed remembering how Lakshmi said that she doesn’t see anyone but Rishi, she starts banging around the room when her mother asks what she is doing, Malishka explains that she is doing this because she always gets tired of seeing Rishi at night. time. . And Laxmi walks over, her mother asks her if she thinks they both really love each other, Malishka asks why she always bothers her when she’s tense, Malishka mentions that Balwinder is also Markesh in her horoscope, she’s worried that Eh will tell the truth to Laxmi. everybody. Her mother gets tired of comforting him because he is worried; Ella malishka mentions that she feels that this time the truth about her will come out, which is why she is worried.

Aayush starts walking as Lakshmi saw him at the police station then he wonders why Lakshmi Bhabhi was mad at him, Shalu questions if they should leave when he asks what he does to her, Shalu replies with a smile that now he has lost everything . , Aayush doesn’t understand when Shalu explains that he can even slap him or twist his ears, he also makes him act like a chicken. Perhaps, Shalu reveals that Lakshmi once made him stand in the sun. Aayush replies that he doesn’t think so when he convinces Shalu to come with Laxmi Bhabhi, Shalu stops him from behind.

Virendra is accompanied by his mother who asks him to stop for his recovery, he replies that Dil should also keep calm since everything is fine, Dadi mentions that he will calm down when his two children return home, Virendra assures the sage that To return to. since the truth always wins since neither the sage nor Lakshmi have done anything wrong. Dadi explains that even then both of them suffered a lot because before Lakshmi was in jail and Rishi took the blame. Virendra mentions that they both love each other, Dadi tells her that everyone can see her love but she ignores him herself, asking her to make sure everything is good for her. . After the call, Virendra walks out of there.

Laxmi asks Ayush to see her when she arrives, he immediately starts doing the punishments that Lakshmi is worried about, he apologizes for the mistake when Laxmi doesn’t understand, she even on one leg. Aayush explains that Shalu said that whenever she is angry she punishes them, Shalu immediately starts blaming her for lying to her, when they start fighting, Lakshmi replies that she is angry with him because she planned a surprise and when she came in they both got angry. in a fight because she couldn’t talk to him about something important. Aayush after thinking that he shouldn’t worry as he will definitely make a plan for them to go inside once more, he acts like a movie actor seeing both Laxmi and Shalu smile, Lakshmi also corrects him as he starts walking in the direction contrary. address.

Virendra is on call with Mayank, who reports that the investors have called a meeting after hearing the news of Rishi sir’s arrest, Virendra assures that he is ready for it and knows that it will definitely happen, he ends the call to instruct Mayank. Make sure he gets updates. Dadi asks who is on the call, he replies that Mayank was giving updates on the meeting, she asks if she was going to meet Rishi, Virendra replies that Laxmi told her to go with Neelam. He must stay, Dadi asks what is he doing here. , Virendra replies because he is sick too and Neelam wants to be alone, Dadi tells him that Neelam is very smart but she doesn’t want to understand Lakshmi, he replies And now Rishi has gone to jail for her, he assures her that everything will be fine.

Shalu drags Aayush to the police station, she takes the log and asks the inspector to record the complaint, he asks the policeman to write it down but they don’t want to when Shalu mentions that he stole her stuff. , she replies that she stole the hair barrette to which everyone is stunned, Shalu mentions that she can’t lie, but she is a thief , Laxmi tells Aayush to take the police lady away, she asks why no one is listening To her he mentions that she has also stolen something very important that is his, Lakshmi runs inside seeing the opportunity, Shalu understands Then he says that everything is just an act.

Karishma is in the room with Sonya, she reveals that Shalu has started talking to them, and even her father was supporting them both, Karishma replies that Virendra Bhai will definitely support him as she is Laxmi’s sister, Sonya replies even then Lakshmi she has ruined her house, she too has realized that something is going on between Aayush and Shalu, Karishma assures that none of it Not because she supports her just because she is Lakshmi’s sister and nothing else, Sonya also agrees with her.

Rishi is sitting in the closet thinking that his meeting with Lakshmi has ended because of an argument, what would it have been like if they had ended on a better note, Rishi’s wish is only when Lakshmi can return once more, when he sees Lakshmi searching. Cell but he refuses to believe the truth so he asks the other cellmates to pinch him but the person kills him, Lakshmi asks why he was beaten, Rishi replied that it was because of her that he couldn’t believe he came back , so he asked. Cell Mate to hit her.

Laxmi asks him if he was thinking about her, he replies that he wanted to argue and that he was thinking about her, Lakshmi asks him to stop explaining that she came back because he had talked to her. There was something important to do, when they both touch quickly. pulling her back after feeling the impact, Lakshmi looks at the sage in disbelief.

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