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Bhagya Lakshmi 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi goes to meet Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 24, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode starts with Rishi thinking why Laxmi didn’t come to see me. He thinks he’s upset, that I’m in jail. He thinks that he is lonely, she must have come to give him some strength. He believes that Lakshmi will come. Laxmi asks Aayush if the police will allow her to meet Rishi. Aayush says yes, but you were mad at him, because he took the blame and went to jail. Lakshmi says that she has given me strength and now it is my turn. Ayush tells us to go. Shalu comes and says that I will come too. Ayush says who are you? Shalu says that Rishi is my jiju. Sonia asked Shalu why she came here. Shalu says that there might be some reason, since I have come here. Sonia says that this is my house, and I don’t need to learn from you and she calls her illiterate. Virendra asks Sonia how she is talking to Shalu. He tells her that Lakshmi is her daughter and Shalu is her sister, and says that she will not tolerate any humiliation from here. Lakshmi asks him about Neelam. Virendra says that he is angry. Laxmi says I made her mad. She says that time is a healer and says that I am going to meet Rishi. Lakshmi says that you will break seeing them there, and says that when you are with us, we can overcome any problem. She asks him to stay with mama ji and says that she needs you too. Virendra says that I hope Neelam has understood this. He goes. Shalu taunts Aayush. Lakshmi says that I will come. Aayush thinks about work and thinks if I have a job or not. Shalu comes to the kitchen to drink water. Sonia snatches the water bottle from him. Shalu asks what is this? Sonia tells her not to take advantage of her father’s kindness. Shalu says that you like Malishka. Sonia says that she does, she likes it and says that you can spend time here in a big house and free food too. Shalu says we had a bigger house than this and says we didn’t embarrass our bauji like you have.

Karishma arrives there and scolds Shalu. Shalu says I haven’t done anything. Karishma says we made a mistake for you by coming here? Shalu says that you make big mistakes and says that you let Di stay in jail. Sonia says that at least Lakshmi is not like her, that she doesn’t argue with us. Shalu says at least you see the kindness in her. Aayush asks Shalu what happened, if someone told her something. Shalu says that Sonia was enough, but your mother came there too. Aayush asks if you scolded my mother. she says if he tells her not to do anything and to shut up. Shalu asks if it’s my fault and says that she was drinking water when Sonia snatches the glass out of her hand and scolds her. Then your mother scolded me too. He says not to give them a chance to say anything. He says why did you say?

Balwinder tells Guddu that he is a dog and just barks. He says that I told Lakshmi that I have proof of her and that I can save Rishi, but he goes after her. He says that he will kill Rishi. Guddu says don’t break things in my house. He says that you will get 1000 girls. Balwinder says that I only need Lakshmi. Guddu asks if you love Lakshmi. Balwinder says yes, he didn’t love my wives or Neha that much, and says that when I close my eyes, I see Lakshmi.

Laxmi returns and sees Aayush and Shalu arguing. She asks Lakshmi to give Shalu some good values. Lakshmi says that Rishi will be waiting for her. Ayush says that there is a surprise for him.

Balwinder says that she was a rich girl in the area, and says that he does not regret losing her and that he only wants Lakshmi. She says that I only want Lakshmi. Guddu says you will get it.

Lakshmi arrives in PS and says that she wants to meet Rishi Oberoi. The inspector says that we cannot allow many visitors in one day and says that Malishka Singh Bedi has just arrived here. Shalu and Aayush ask him to meet Rishi. Shalu says that I will stay here, let them meet. Inspector gives 10 minutes. Aayush asks Lakshmi if she has forgotten about Surprise. Lakshmi asks if we are right. Aayush says that we are doing this for Rishi Bhai’s happiness. Shalu says it’s Jhalla. The inspector asks Laxmi to go meet Rishi. Lakshmi says that she will meet Rishi after meeting Ayush. The inspector says there are only 9 minutes left. Aayush enters and meets Rishi. Rishi asks where is Lakshmi. Aayush says that she didn’t come because he has a job. Rishi gets angry and says that he has a more important job than me. Aayush says I miss you so much. You don’t want to talk to me and you want to talk about my sister-in-law. Shalu asks Lakshmi to sit down and says that you will meet Jiju. Laxmi says that when she was here she was alone and it takes a lot of courage to be here. Shalu says you’ve come to give her courage. Aayush says that it is me, your dear brother, friend, etc. He says that one day at school, we did it together. Rishi says that I don’t want to meet anyone until he sees Lakshmi. Aayush says that you met Malishka. Rishi says that it is good that Malishka came. The bailiff arrives and asks Rishi to meet him, as a woman had come to meet him. Rishi refused to meet. He goes there. Lakshmi places her hand over her eyes. Rishi recognizes her and says Malishka you have come. Laxmi gets sad and says that she wants to meet Malishka. She says that she felt her presence. Lakshmi tries to leave. He pulls her closer and smiles.

Precap: Aayush tells Shalu that Rishi Bhai will hug Lakshmi when he sees her. He hugs her. The sage tells Lakshmi that he was waiting to see her. Malishka says that he doesn’t know how they get stuck. Aayush asks Shalu if it is a hug of love or a hug of friendship. Kiran asks Malishka if you think they really love each other. Dadi says that he doesn’t know whose evil eye fell on her. Malishka says that even God cannot take away the sage.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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