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Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Malishka questions Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 23, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode begins with Laxmi telling Malishka that she thinks she knows her love, but she doesn’t want to accept it. She says I told you 1,000 times to see each other before you said anything to me. Malishka says that this is the real Lakshmi and asks if she didn’t know that Rishi would do this. Dadi says that if she had known, she would not have allowed Rishi to do this. Malishka yells at Dadi and tells her that Lakshmi knew as she believed that the sage would free her from her. She says that nobody knows what Rishi Bhai said. Dadi says that Lakshmi can give her life for Rishi, so she will send him to jail. Malishka says you don’t know her. Dadi says that she has experienced it and asks him to stop, otherwise she will ask her parents to silence her. Aayush says that this is high, if anyone is listening, you will tell them. Malishka says that some people are unfavorable and spill unfavorable things in the life of the sage. Shalu asks him to stop and tells him not to speak, and says that my tongue is long like yours, but I am not telling you anything by di, otherwise I would have shown it to you. Ayush says no, Shalu. He asks her not to be like Malishka and says that you are good as you are. Ahana says that bhabhi is cool and calm, we should be good too. Devika tells Malishka that she will understand what she has to say. Dadi asked Lakshmi to have courage. Sonia says that Lakshmi doesn’t care about Rishi. Ahana argues with him. Ayush asks Sonia to calm down and think about Lakshmi, Rishi Bhai is lucky to have found a good life partner like Lakshmi. Malishka says that Rishi is unlucky to have a brother like you, and says that when he has a brother like you, he doesn’t need enemies.

Lakshmi and Ayush are called Malishka. Malishka asks him to focus on her actions. She says that everything that is happening here is happening through Aayush, and says that you have inspired Rishi to come to Lakshmi. Aayush says that he wishes you were a man, he would have rectified your ways with a verb. He says that I am very proud to have brought them closer and asks who are you, what is your job in our house, are you staying in our house for life, what is Rishi bhai’s relationship with you. Karishma asks Aayush to shut up and tells them to shut up. She says Aayush, you know very well that Rishi is everything to Malishka, she loves him. She says that this Lakshmi came yesterday and that Malishka was in her life for a long time. Kiran says that we have to wait a while, legally Malishka will also become his wife. Abhay asks Aayush to ask Lakshmi the same question about who is that sage. Aayush says no, it will never happen, trust me. Malishka says that I never thought the Oberoi family would come to this point because of this girl. Dadi asked them to fight and cut each other with swords. She says who has started the fight. Malishka says Dadi. Dadi says that she doesn’t feel good after hearing her nonsense. Lakshmi asks Dadi not to listen to her and says that Rishi will be back soon. Karishma hugs Malishka and reassures her. Malishka takes revenge.

Virendra calls Neelam. Neelam says that my son went to jail in front of me and I couldn’t do anything. Virendra says that he is also my son. Neelam says that if he was your son why didn’t you do anything, and says that as long as Lakshmi is here, no one can do anything. Virendra asks what is Laxmi’s fault in this? Neelam says that you have become blind and cannot see the truth. He says that you have become blind and says that you could not see the goodness of Lakshmi that Rishi could see. He says that no one knows that Rishi was doing this, not even Lakshmi. Neelam says that Rishi is so smart, so why did he take such a step? She says that we are like the two banks of a river that can never be one. Virendra says you’re seeing both sides, but I can see the water connecting them. Neelam says that he doesn’t want to argue and asks him to leave. Virendra left there.

Aayush and Lakshmi take Dadi to his room. Aayush asks Dadi not to feel bad about Malishka’s meanness. Lakshmi gives medicine to Dadi. Aayush says you are the best Dadi. Dadi says that Lakshmi is the best and I am the second best.

Malishka comes to meet Rishi and hugs him. She says that she feels sorry for you. Rishi says that I did what I did, I did it from the heart and says that the brain listened to the heart. Malishka says that if you had told me, I would have gone to jail instead of you and freed Lakshmi as well. The sage thanks her and says that Lakshmi is her responsibility. Malishka says that no one loves her like she does. Rishi calls Lakshmi and asks how she is doing. Malishka says that she is home and happy. Rishi says that I know he is not happy without me. Malishka asks if you love her. Rishi says that I like her, she is very nice, maybe I love her.

Lakshmi prays to God and says that Rishi is in trouble because of me, and asks why you are testing me Lord. She says that she is happy that Rishi loves her very much and goes to jail to save her. She says that I know he cares a lot about me and it showed that he will never break the promise he made to me and that he will always keep it. She says that I have to get Rishi out somehow and that I won’t leave him in jail.

Rishi says that I really don’t know what I’m feeling. Malishka says that there is only one answer and asks him to choose one of her fingers. She thinks that if she puts my index finger it means that she loves Lakshmi, no. The sage grabbed the first finger of hers.

Ayush asks Lakshmi not to take tension. Lakshmi says that she knows what it feels like to be there and says that she has kept her promise to her. She says that she has promised herself that she will free Rishi and expose the culprit that she has mixed poison into the food. She says that I also have to save the honor of the Oberoi family and the business. She asks Aayush if he will support her. Aayush says that I will always be with you and says that if she gets her name, she would have changed her name to Aayush Lakshmi Oberoi. Lakshmi says that you are speaking as Shalu. Aayush asks what the plan is. Lakshmi says that God has a plan.

Rishi asks Malishka to say. Malishka says that you don’t love Lakshmi based on which finger you choose. She asks what she wants her to hear and she says that you love Lakshmi according to the chosen finger. She asks if you want to hear this. Rishi says that I want to know the truth and says that she likes Lakshmi very much. Malishka says you don’t love her, she’s fine. The inspector asks Malishka to come out. Malishka refused. Rishi says this is PS, maybe they won’t let you come again. Malishka asks if you want to meet me. Rishi says yes. Malishka says that I will come back and go. Rishi thinks that I have held the index finger and says I love you, right?

Precap will be added later.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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