Bhagya Lakshmi 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi gets into an argument with Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi gets into an argument with Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi gets into an argument with Malishka

Bhagya Laxmi 18 March 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Neelam enters the room, she assures Malishka that there is no need to be so upset by her actions as she thinks this is all her plan, Malishka questions what she must be planning, Neelam is in this house. She asks me to come back, she goes to bring him but she refuses at that time and is now trying her best to make Rishi emotional as she knows his nature, Neelam tells that if she can convince him. So Malishka must know that it will be her fault, Neelam goes to Sonia’s question if she is fine, Malishka replies that she has to stay close to Rishi otherwise he will be swept away, Sonia questions that What else can they do because he has blocked the contacts. Malishka assures that she knows what to do.

Rishi is driving the car, thinking about Ranbir, reveals that every time he does not get a chance to fall in love, Rishi should not let him go if he gets a chance, he knows that Rishi loves Lakshmi very much, Rishi While driving the car he is constantly thinking about all the moments he has spent with Lakshmi, how he will always enjoy his time with her, he stops at the signal. Balwinder’s car also stops next to him, he sees Rishi asking everyone to turn his back so soon, Shalu wakes up when she sees Rishi tries to call him but is pulled down Rishi tries to find out who is calling him but isn’t meanwhile Shalu once again faints due to chloroform. After sometime when the signal turns green, Rishi leaves the car.

Rishi enters the house when Neelam calls, he goes to her, she asks how was the party and if she enjoyed it, she replies that she didn’t enjoy it at all, she asks the reason, he tells As she was not with him, Neelam says she immediately starts saying his lovely words but she knows that he will not miss her but she really misses him and she asks if he has something to eat. There is something, Rishi replies that a lot was going on so he didn’t have time. Neelam lays her on the table telling her that she herself is going to serve him food, but Rishi replies why she is doing all this as he can ask the workers to serve her, she sits down at the table. is when he replies that she doesn’t like it when she gets angry with him, apologizes for what he said, she feeds him when he explains that he knows she loves him most , then he asks her if she knows who scolds her, she admits that she scolds him, Malishka stands thinking that Rishi will never deny anything to Neelam.

Malishka goes to both of them and asks if she is fine as Neelam is feeding her, he questions what must have happened to her, Malishka tells that she had a big fight with Balwinder, Neelam questions that Is she telling the truth, Rishi tries to deny her but Malishka starts revealing that Balwinder wanted to play Holi with Lakshmi and they both start arguing that he went to fight with Balwinder, Neelam furious. I questions what he was thinking, as he risked his life for that Lakshmi, knowing what he meant to her, Rishi tries to explain himself but Neelam angrily says that She has already said all this, Rishi goes furious, Malishka tries to console Neelam but she hints that she is fine, Malishka thinks she didn’t do anything wrong as Rishi doesn’t really care. I was getting Close to Lakshmi.
Balwinder along with his men is taking Shalu to his secret hideout, Shalu demands that they let him go, she also threatens Balwinder of dire consequences, but he replies that he should escape himself first. , he orders his men to keep her unconscious at all times otherwise she will try to run away. Balwinder gets a call from Rano, she asks if he was able to complete the task or is he still on his way, Balwinder assures that he managed to kidnap her, Neha responds as he is with her. Wasn’t around otherwise he would have kidnapped her once again, Rano warns her to keep her voice low, she assures that the door is closed. Rano suggests that she ask Neelam for 5 million as this was the amount she had brought, Balwinder asks if she is going to instruct him as he also knows how to handle such situations, he tells her at night. going to call when she won’t be able to help anyone, Rano advises her to call him now but she ends the call, Rano gets angry, Neha says she should calm down because his He has no control because he has Shalu. Rano assures that she will teach him a lesson.

Rishi is walking when Malishka stops him from behind what happened, he questions what happened, she also asks the same question, Rishi questions why she was complaining to mother, Malishka tries to explain is that he didn’t complain when sage says that he knows how upset he is. He forgets himself while trying to save Lakshmi and then asks Aayush to release her back. Malishka tells that she wanted to celebrate the event with him but he didn’t care for her, Rishi says that she is saying the same thing again and again, when he asked her to stop, Malishka questions that she had asked him. Why didn’t you even think of apologizing? For once, Rishi says that he is not sorry so he will not apologize to her, he informs that if Balwinder tries to touch Lakshmi he is going to pay her, Malishka asks if he will. is also going to do this for her, sage asks if she didn’t remember how he came in front of her when she was about to shoot, sage says he knows he did it all on purpose and all this Must stop, Malishka questions if he is going to decide her feelings, Rishi says he can feel it in his heart, so he requests her to stop, Malishka reveals that he Forces her to do such things, Rishi replies that she is forcing him to move away from her, he doesn’t feel like before, she questions what he means. He informs that she was hurt before feeling anxious, but now only tense that she will come and fight, feeling that they should put an end to it all, he turns to leave when Malishka kills her. Alleged that he is saying all this because of Lakshmi when the sage stops mentioning to him that he should not involve Lakshmi in his quarrel and if their relationship ends in future then it is because of both of them. Will happen.
Rano is sitting when Neha comes out, Lakshmi and Bani call Shalu when they enter the house, Rano replies that she hasn’t come back yet, Neha tells that she was playing with Benny aunty and might have gone somewhere She is gone, Lakshmi says she didn’t say anything to her, Rano advises that why is she trying to make it such an event, she should go and prepare masala chai for her. She also sends Bani off.

Sonia is sitting in her room when she sees Malishka entering the room, she tells that she has got such a nice nail paint. Laxmi will steal him, she tells that she is not wrong and still at the Holi party he tries to kiss her but he leaves as if she was doing something wrong, Ahana enters the room when Sonia calls mom. , Malishka tells the whole situation to Ahana who advises her to forget Rishi if she feels that he has stopped loving her, Malishka questions what she said that she would never give him that Lakshmi. Will forget, and feels that he has taken Ahana by his side as well, but she replies that Malishka is a sensible girl, she would have given this advice to anyone who feels she is involved in a love triangle but Malishka is not ready to listen to such advice, Neelam enters the room asking what happened, Malishka faints what is the matter so she sleeps Asks Nia to call the doctor.

Rishi comes out of the bathroom after taking a bath, he is about to throw the towel on the bed, when he remembers how Lakshmi would advise him not to throw it on the bed, he placed it correctly on the table. The sage remembers how Malishka said that Lakshmi had blocked their contact, the sage said that Lakshmi is not like that and if she did not want to talk to him, she would say to his face, she feels that when When he went, she was troubling him. To leave her, he tries to call her but it doesn’t connect, Rishi gets upset to learn that he has blocked his contact.

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