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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Everyone gets to Know About Tiwari’s Situation.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The vaccine is jugalbandi package. Tiwari says to stop doing this, you will break the things inside her. Tillu asks, are the clothes made of glass? Tiwari gave him a 500 bill. Tillu takes it and doesn’t ask any more questions. Tiwari tells you that her client will ask if she is pregnant, and you have to say that the baby will be born today. Tika asks why they have to do all this drama. Her client is a bit sarcastic, says Tiwari.

Anu brings a guest named Mr. Gulati along with David to Angoori’s house. They are all sitting together. Anu tells Angoori that Gulati wants to give Tiwari an award. Angoori is happy and asks, why are they giving the award to Tiwari? Anu says that this award is given only to an ideal person. Anu tells Gulati that Tiwari is a very simple person who is dedicated only to his business. Gulati congratulates Angoori. Angoori says that he doesn’t believe this.

Tiwari gives Vibhu a package. Vibhu asks what is inside. Tiwari says what do you mean what’s inside? Obviously, he has underwear. Vibhu asks then why doesn’t your store have a sticker like other checkouts? Tiwari is disappointed and says that it contains drugs. Vibhu says you don’t have enough courage.

Tillu and Teeka take the package to Anu’s house. Anu asks them how are they? Tillu and Teeka begin to cry. Anu asks them what happened, why are they crying? Tillu says that they cannot live in peace unless they have Tiwari. Teeka says that Tiwari gave him this package and asks Anu to check it. Anu opens it and is shocked to see drugs inside of it. Anu asks Ticks and Tillu how they knew this box contains drugs. Tillu says that she realized that the box is quite heavy compared to other boxes that she has carried in the past. Angoori listened to him from the door and began to cry. Angoori asks: Is Tiwari really a drug dealer? Tillu and Teeka wonder how they got so much money. Tillu says that he thinks Tiwari is committing some kind of fraud. Angoori doesn’t believe this and she begins to cry even louder.

Vibhu drives the delivery vehicle. Happu and Manohar stop her. Vibhu asks why he stopped her. Happu says that they need to check the back of the truck since the city is on high alert for drug smuggling. Manohar grabs the box that doesn’t have any marks on it. Happu asks Vibhu what is inside. Vibhu mercilessly tells him that it contains drugs and puts him behind bars. The commissioner arrives and says that he is sure that Vibhu cannot do any of this and asks him to leave.

Anu, Dr. Gupta, David and Angoori are sitting together. Tillu and Tika call out to Tiwari whistling. Everyone prepares for action. Anu is acting like an unconscious. Tiwari is scared to see Anu. She started to ask what happened to her? Angoori tells Tiwari that Anu came to meet him and fell. Dr. Gupta says that Anu used to take drugs, so she passed out. Tiwari began to cry. Vibhu also gets nervous seeing Anu. Tiwari tells the whole situation to Vibhu. Dr. Gupta says that they need to bring drugs to bring Anu back to consciousness, or she will be in a coma. Tiwari runs and brings the box containing the drugs. Anu comes to life. Tiwari asks Anu what happened to her. Anu says that she was acting. Teeka tells Tiwari that she opened the box that she had given them and now everyone knows that he is leading. Vibhu says that Tiwari should be ashamed of selling drugs and at the same time he was about to receive the ideal and ideal person award. Angoori starts to cry, she says that she never knew that she was interested in all these things. Anu asks Tiwari if she has anything to say in her defense. Tiwari explains the whole situation.

Angoori and Tiwari are sitting together in their bedroom. Tiwari tells Angoori that someone is blackmailing her. Tiwari gets a call from JK. Angoori asks Tiwari to put the phone on speaker. JK says that he loves Tiwari’s work. Tiwari asks JK to leave him alone. JK tells Tiwari that he has sent him a list of people to send the package to, and says that it also contains the name of his neighbor Anita. Tiwari asks why he is on the list. JK tells her that his hairdressing class has a client. Tiwari begged JK not to drag him into it. JK says that Tiwari’s wife’s name is also on the list. Angoori is surprised. JK warns Tiwari, if he doesn’t complete this task, he will shoot him.

Anu asks Tiwari what this is. Tiwari says that this package is full of medicine. Anu throw it away and ask why you give it to me. Tiwari says that man is blackmailing me into giving you this package so you can give it to the other party. Vibhu says you are crazy. Angoori says that now only you can help my husband.
Anu drives a rickshaw. The commissioner asks Anu to stop and asks his inspector to check on Anu. Anu says that he is fine

Update Credits: Tanaya

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