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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The Modern Colony becomes Hilda’s Family

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29 Dec 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Vibhu asks Teeka and Tillu, what are they saying? Teeka and Tillu say that everything is true and that someone is forcing all of them to do all this. Masterji and Prem also come and Masterji says that something similar happened to him too. Masterji says that he also hugs his teacher colleague. David says that he must have liked her after that and laughs. Dr. Gupta also says that he too did something similar and couldn’t control himself. Saxena and the same old man appear and tells everyone that all this happened because of a witch. Angoori asks who? The sky is covered with dark clouds and everyone is scared.

They all gather at Angoori’s house. The old man’s name is “Pascal”. Angoori asks him what has happened to Akash and the atmosphere has turned dull and sad. Pascal says that many will come and the entire colony will suffer? Tillu asks him why all this is happening if they did nothing. Pascal says that someone made fun of that witch who has been resting in his grave for a long time. Tiwari says that Vibhu must have done this. Vibhu denies this and says that he would never say such a thing. Tiwari says, then done by David. David says that he never made fun of Tiwari’s mother. They all start laughing. Angoori says that if it was Vibhu, she would have killed him. Anu tells Angoori that Tiwari also teases Vibhu’s mother. Tiwari and Vibhu start arguing. Pascal yells at them and tells them to shut up. Tika asks Pascal who outwitted the witch. Pascal points to Saxena and says that she woke him up from her grave. Pascal tells everyone that “Hilda” is the name of the witch. They all start arguing. Pascal tells them to shut up and tells them Hilda’s story. He tells everyone that Hilda died the day before Christmas and that last year she was harassed by a man who demanded that she celebrate Christmas with her family. Tiwari asks if he has to act like they are his family. Pascual says yes. Vibhu asks if she will leave after this. Pascal says that Hilda killed him. Angoori asks Pascal what they have to do. Pascal says that they have to celebrate Christmas with him as his family. Pascal says that he also has the file containing Hilda’s family photos. Pascal takes it and tells Vibhu that he will become “Victor” (Hilda’s husband). Vibhu says that he will not do that as Hilda might kill him. Tika tells Vibhu that he will have to do this for her. Vibhu still denies it. Teeka swears by Angoori and Vibhu agrees. Pascal says that Angoori and Anu will be Hilda’s sisters, “Angelina” and “Annabelle”. Anu and Angoori say that her faces also match hers. Pascal says that Tiwari has to become “Thomas”. Tiwari says that she will not do that. Vibhu says that he has to do this. Pascal tells David that he will be the driver of the “Daulat Ram”. David is disappointed. Tika and Tillu tell Pascal that they too are survivors. Tillu asks Tika to shut up. Pascal says that Hilda also has two servants and says that they should become Hilda’s servants. Pascal says that they must all play their part properly and if Hilda finds out that they are just acting, she will kill them all. They all get scared.

Vibhu and Anu dress up and get ready. Vibhu tells Anu that she looks very beautiful. Anu tells Vibhu that he is Hilda’s husband and if he tries to flirt with her, Hilda will not let him live. Tiwari and Angoori also come in costume. Anu tells Tiwari that she will have to act as her husband. Tiwari says of course. David arrives disguised as a chauffeur. David introduced himself in his own style. Anu appreciates the performance of him. Teeka and Tillu are also coming. Anu asks why she was late. Tillu says that earlier Tika was not getting the dress from her. They all start laughing. Tiwari and Vibhu tell everyone to play their part properly. Vibhu says that they are not playing and asks everyone to be serious. Saxena and Pascal are coming. All the lights go out and Hilda arrives. Anu and Tiwari turn around and get scared. Pascal tells Hilda that all of her family is here. Hilda starts talking to Anu and Tiwari. Hilda teleports to Angoori and freaks out. Angoori tells Hilda that she loves her very much. Hilda sees Vibhu as Victor and teleports to him. Hilda tells him that she misses him so much and says that he won’t let anyone go anywhere and says that he will take them all with her to the graveyard. Hilda teleports to David and greets him. David freaks out and greets her. Hilda asks him if he remarried after his wife left him. David says that he does. Hilda tells Tika and Tillu to kill each other. Hilda teleports them away and they start killing each other.

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Update Credits: Tanya

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