Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update Anita Loses Saxena

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update Anita Loses Saxena

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update Anita Loses Saxena

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Angoori and Tiwari are still scared of the gun, Angoori asks him why are you sweating so much, Tiwari says I might have a heart attack, Angoori says let me go, call the doctor, Tiwari says no. Don’t move or we will be shot, so let’s do one thing, romantic talk and our fear will be under control, Angoori says ok talk, Tiwari says you are ao beautiful, Angoori says the way you did Said I am ugly, you look like Alia Bhatt, Angoori says and you are Mahesh Bhatt, will we play chidiya udh.

TMT starts abusing Chutare in front of Rusa, Rusa says forget them, they are useless. Malkan says wow Rusa now we are useless, Tilu says you have worst option Rusa, Chutere says get lost. TMT says we will go with Rusa, Rusa come let’s go to watch movie, Chutaare says show me the stick in your hand, Teeka hands him, chutreously hits them hard. Rusa asks Chhutare if he is fine, Chhutare says I am fine. Rusa says listen now, my jiju is on a secret mission and has given my responsibility to Happu Singh, so you meet Happu Singh, Chhutare says ok let go.

David calls with Mona, and decides to meet in Russia. Anu goes to her and asks what is this, you look alone without Vibhu. David says he is hurt as Saxena slaps Vibhu again, Anu says he is mad, David says yes, Anu is right, I will talk to him, he cannot kill my husband and leaves Is.

Happu walks in with Manohar, Rusa and Chutere. Rusa says meet my friend Chhutare, Happu says he is Saxena, Chhutare says my mom gave me this new name, Rusa says such a cute name, Happu asks all good Rusa, commissioner keeps Hai asking me about you, Rusa is right and she says you are my guardian, and you have to follow what you say, Happu says then first take this man out, Saxena gets angry, Rusa says Hai calm down, Chhutare says just because you ask me Rusa, Rusa says let me make it clear, Happu you have been given my responsibility and I love Chhutare and will marry her, Happu says. He is crazy and you want to marry him. Chutere gives him money, Happu takes it and says that he becomes normal at times but gets mad again, Chutere gives him more money, Happu agrees.

Anu goes to Saxena’s house, she sees that the door is locked and the window is open to leave and jumps inside. Anu hears Saxena’s voice in the bedroom. She follows and finds him tied to the bedroom.

Vibhu walks to the police station, Happu asks why are you here, Vibhu says do something to this madman, Happu says wow, you were crazy for him and now you want me to take care of him, says Vibhu Because he has gone mad, he keeps slapping everyone, I don’t want to see him here, Happu says have you bought model colony, Chhutare slaps Vibhu again, and says chalo rusa

Chhutare, Rusa, Tiwari, Angoori and TMT together at Tiwari’s house, Angoori whispers to Tiwari, it can’t happen he can’t marry Rusa, Chhutare says stop whispering and announces engagement. Happu walks wearing clothes, Malkan sad says I can’t see this happening, Tilu says sneakers took him away from us, Malkan says I will kill him, Tilu says calm down what after we go to jail do. Malkan is right. Tiwari says I have come here to announce the engagement of Rusa and my son Chutare.
Vibhu goes inside and says this engagement can’t happen, Chhutare asks, Vibhu says you will get to know, Saxena walks, everyone gets shocked.

Angoori says who is the real Saxena, Saxena says bhabhi maa is me and she is my twin chutre, Angoori says she harassed her a lot, Chhutare points gun at Rusa and says if someone does something Rusa will be killed, Happu slaps her hard and says come police station, Manohar calls Happu and says Chhutare gave you fake money, you are under arrest, Vibhu says a minute and slaps Chhutare Huh. Malkan says ok our money is fine.

Pre Cap: Angoori and Tiwari see Vibhu attacking Anu and are about to learn why, Tiwari is accidentally pushed by Angoori.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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