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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Letterman gets Caught.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain Nov 11, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Angoori is cleaning rice in his garden. Vibhu approaches her and greets her. Angoori asks Vibhu if she is alright now? Vibhu says that the scars from the hunger strike cause him pain. Angoori says that she feels bad about it too and that what happened there shouldn’t have happened. Vibhu says that she was just trying to help everyone. Angoori says that all this was done by that postman. Angoori and Vibhu receive a letter from the postman. The postman asks Angoori to tie a rakhi on Vibhu’s wrist. Letterman tells Vibhu that if he doesn’t tie the rakhi, he will cut off both of David’s ears. Angoori asks Vibhu to wait until she has Rakhi. Vibhu shouted: No! and she goes back to her house.

Tiwari goes to Anu’s house. Anu asks him to sit down. Tiwari begins to make noise to the cat and greets him. Anu waves back and barks like a dog. Tiwari was surprised. Anu tells her that she too has received a letter. Tiwari says that she chose the wrong animal, he should have chosen a goat. The dog’s voice doesn’t suit him. Anu tells Tiwari that the dog suits her better. They keep making noise. Vibhu enters and tells Tiwari that he doesn’t like the sound of the cat. Anu asks Vibhu what happened. Vibhu tells Anu that Angoori has received a letter and asks him to tie a rakhi on her wrist. Tiwari thinks Letterman might as well tie a rakhi to Anu’s wrist, so he freaks out and starts screaming. Anu asks Tiwari, what happened? Tiwari says nothing. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he will scratch Letterman’s face with his hands. Vibhu tells Tiwari that she has not even seen his face. Anu says that action must be taken against Letterman. Tiwari also agrees with him.

Vibhu, David and Anu are sitting together in their garden. Vibhu and David are drinking alcohol. David tells them both that he thinks Letterman is trying to panic people so he can easily rob them. Anu says that she has such a novel which Lal calls “The Milkman”. Vibhu tells her that she is totally different, they haven’t even seen her face. Saxena arrives and says that she will catch Letterman. David asks Saxena how he can hold her. Vibhu also asks him the same thing. Saxena tells them that this person could be a crazy psychopath. Vibhu asks if he is crazy and psychic. Saxena says yes. David says, so who will catch him? Anu tells them that she has an idea, but Saxena has to help him.

Watching all the news at the tea stall. The news reporter says that Letterman is finally caught and all the thanks go to Happu Singh. Everyone is shocked at the tea stall. The news reporter calls Happu in for an interview. Happu arrives and tells everyone that he single-handedly caught the suspect. Happu brings Saxena and says that he is behind all the issues but he can’t do anything now. Everyone is surprised to see Saxena. The news reporter asked Saxena, how are you feeling? Saxena says that he is excited. A stranger was also watching the news, he turns off the TV and gets frustrated and says that the reporter was lying.

The stranger shows the police station. Everyone is looking at him standing there dressed in bright clothes. Anu and Angoori ask if it is Letterman. Vibhu says yes. Vibhu asks if he is a scholar. He replies: Yes, it’s Letterman. Saxena says that she knows him and asks if he is Mr. Bakshi. Letterman says yes and asks how he knew this. Saxena says that he has spent 5 years at Dhatu Sharan in Agra. Letterman asks if his name is Saxena. Saxena says yes and shakes her hand. Saxena asks him why he is doing all this. Letterman says that he was bored. Tiwari says that there are many ways to beat boredom. Vibhu says that he should have grabbed the electrical wires like Saxena. Tiwari also says that there could have been a slap. Letterman says that he is looking for a man who can defeat him, but unfortunately he doesn’t find any bodies. So he decided to do it. Happu says that he too was afraid of this postman. Letterman starts laughing. Angoori asks Happu, why doesn’t he arrest him? Happu says that he can’t do this. Anu tells Happu that she should commit her to an insane asylum. Happu orders Manohar to take him to an insane asylum. Letterman gets emotional and laughs.

Vibhu is cooking. Vibhu finds out that she has no tomatoes. Vibhu opens his fridge but finds nothing. Vibhu sees Angoori standing outside his kitchen with tomatoes. Vibhu and Angoori begin to flirt with each other. Vibhu finds out that he was daydreaming and Pelu is sitting instead of Angoori. Vibhu asks Pelu what he is doing here. Pelu goes looking at her.

Tiwari goes to her balcony and sees Anu talking on the phone. Tiwari looks at her and appreciates her beauty. Tiwari also begins to dream that she is dancing with Anu. Tiwari is dancing alone and Anu asks him where he is lost. Tiwari smiles at her and goes back inside. Anu says that she is very strange.

Precap: none

Update Credits: Tanaya

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