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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhu goes on Hunger Strike.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain Nov 10, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Tiwari enters and hits David. David asks Tiwari, what happened? Tiwari tells David that he is under pressure. David tells Tiwari that he too is under pressure. Tiwari says that he urgently needs to use the bathroom. David tells her to go away, but use the upstairs bathroom. Tiwari ran towards him. David sits on the sofa. Anu enters and sits with her. Anu asks David if the plumber has come. David asks Anu, what happened? Anu tells David that there is no water in the bathroom upstairs. Tiwari calls to David from above and tells him that there is no water in the bathroom. Anu looks at David.

All the people of Modern Colony have gathered at Tiwari’s house. Anu says that if everyone continues to agree with Letterman about his actions, he will never stop. Tiwari tells him why they have all come together to find a solution. Masterji says that he is afraid of her. Tika says that he is so scared that he is losing weight too. Russia also agrees with him. Tiwari also has nightmares. David casually says that he has only received one letter from him. Anu tells Vibhu to lock David up. Vibhu tells David to shut up. Prem tells David that Letterman is dangerous. Angoori says that there is no one in this colony who can stand up to that lawyer. Anu also agrees with him and says that Letterman is human too. Angoori asks everyone if there are any real men who can take on Letterman. They all start looking at each other. Vibhu says that there is only one man in this room who can take him on! Angoori says that she already knew who she likes to get into trouble and she is always ready to engage in unnecessary tasks. Angoori says that Vibhu will be the leader and will go on a hunger strike. Vibhu says what!? Anu tells Angoori that Vibhu cannot do this. David asks Anu to let her do it. Everyone begins to chant the name Vibhu. Vibhu gets up and has a cup of tea and biscuits. Angoori takes it from her and tells her that her hunger strike starts now.

Everyone has joined him for Vibhu’s hunger strike. Tiwari announces that they have to live together and thanks Vibhu for doing so. Everyone starts clapping. Tiwari says that he will keep Vibhu standing until the end. Tiwari calls Anu on stage to say a few words to Vibhu. Anu greets everyone. She tells everyone that she is very proud that Vibhu is leading it. Anu says that Vibhu likes to do unnecessary things very much, but this time he is with her. Everyone starts clapping again. Anu asks Angoori to come up on stage. Angoori wakes up and announces that she supports Vibhu and vows that they will not stop until they capture Letterman. Angoori begins to chant the name Vibhu. Prem goes to the microphone and says that he is also with his friend Vibhu. Masterji walks up to the microphone and says that although Vibhu has no manners, he is doing a very positive job, so he is with her. Dr. Gupta takes the microphone and says that he will treat Vibhu for free after this. Rusa also tells Vibhu that she supports him too. Teeka and Tillu also agree with him. David also takes the microphone and announces that he always thought Vibhu is useless and today he is being useful and says that he remembers a song for that. David begins to sing a song to appreciate Vibhu. Anu and Angoori also begin to sing. Vibhu also comes and goes to Mike. Vibhu declares that he needs everyone’s support in this. Teeka and Tillu again begin to take the Vibhu name. Vibhu asks them to keep quiet. Vibhu continued his speech. Everyone gets a letter from Letterman. Vibhu does not see this and continues his speech. They all stand up and hold the shoe in their hand. Vibhu keeps talking about himself. Vibhu sees everyone with their shoes in their hands and gets scared, but he keeps talking. Vibhu asks everyone to keep one hand in the air. Everybody puts their shoe in the air. Vibhu sees them and gets scared. Vibhu asks why everyone is holding the shoe. Vibhu receives Letterman’s letter. Letterman tells her that everyone is going to hit her with her shoes. They all grab Vibhu and start hitting him with their shoes and slippers.

Dr. Gupta is the wound of his Vibhu. Gupta tells Vibhu that he has suffered serious injuries. Tiwari asked Gupta, how many bones have been broken? Gupta says no, we don’t need to hit him with a wooden stick to break his bone. Vibhu says that he is giving the idea to Letterman. Gupta takes out and injects and injects into Vibhu. David tells Vibhu to have courage, in a few minutes everything will be fine. Gupta says that nothing is going to work out as he gave her a diarrhea injection and soon she has to go to the bathroom. Anu gets angry and asks Gupta why she gave it to him. Gupta told him that Letterman had asked him to do it. Tiwari asks Vibhu to make a big hole in the bed for easy access. Vibhu tells him to shut up and runs to the bathroom.

Precap: Letterman asks Angoori to tie rakhi on Vibhu’s wrist. Vibhu gets scared.
Anu is on the phone and Tiwari is dancing and singing around him.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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