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Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan Goes Into Shock

Bunny Chow Home Delivery Sep 7, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Bunny tells Yuvan that she needs another birthday present from him and her mom. Tyuvan asks what he needs. Manini gets a call from the doctor that her brother Prateek has been seriously injured and needs immediate surgery, so she needs to go to the hospital right away and sign the consent form. Manini runs to her room when Yuvan stops her and announces that her mom will sing along to her music. Everyone cheered for him. Bunny thanks Manini for giving him so many birthday surprises from her. Yuvan picks up the violin and asks Manini to sing Vandana’s song. Manini says that he can’t because he has a sore throat today. Bunny thinks that now Yuvaan will realize that Manini is not Vandana.

Manini picks Yuvan up and tells him that Bunny still doesn’t trust him and is therefore testing him in different ways. She begins to cry and emotionally blackmails Yuvan. Yuvan feels guilty and confronts Bunny for repeatedly testing Manini and making her cry. Manini runs to her car when Yuvan approaches her and begs her not to go. Manini pushes him away and sits in her car. Some dogs attack the young. Yuvan pleads with Manini to save her, but she didn’t get out of the car. Bunny runs to Yuvan’s rescue and saves him from a dog attack. Manini drives the car.

Yuvan continues to plead and inexplicably gets to his feet. Bunny says that Manini is not her Vandana Mamma or else she wouldn’t let her bite dogs. Devraj and Vishnu chase away the dogs. Yuvan falls into shock. Devraj, Vishnu and Bunny admit him to the hospital. Bunny tries to give him medicine, but he doesn’t respond and keeps looking at the same place. Bunny asks the doctor what happened to Yuvan that he is acting stupid. The doctor says report first. Manini arrives at the hospital and asks the doctor why she didn’t start Pratik’s operation. The doctor says that he had ordered not to give him any treatment without his consent, so they were waiting for him. He says that he saved Prateek’s leg somehow, but he needs to be in the homestretch for some time. Viraj calls Manini and reports Yuvan’s hospitalization.

Bunny tries her best to answer Yuvan, but doesn’t. Vishnu takes her aside and tells her that the doctor informed him that Yuvan is in deep shock and if she doesn’t come out of it, she can’t go back to normal. He says that the doctors are not sure of Yuvan’s recovery. Devraj says that Yuvan went into shock after his mother’s death and somehow recovered, but he doesn’t know what happened this time. Manini walks in and says that Bunny killed Yuvan’s mother, Vandana, again. Bunny questions how dare she come here risking Yuvan. Manini says that she agrees, but only she can snap Yuvan out of shock.

Precap: Yuvan asks Manini why Bunny told him that Manini is not Yuvan’s mom. Manini says it’s because Yuvaan’s mom came back from the stars but Bunny’s mom didn’t. Bunny brings Ganpati Bappa home and challenges Manini to expose him.

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