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Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Cuts All Ties With Her Uncle And Aunty

Bunny Chow Home Delivery Aug 6, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

She confronts her uncle Mamusa for defaming him by circulating an intimate picture of him and Yuvan. She says that she is not blood related to Mamissa/her aunt, but Mamusa slanders her for being her direct relative, while she shouldered the burden of her debts and fulfilled the responsibility of a daughter. Mamisa says that they did this for her because they want her to see Yuvan’s love and marry her and protect her from the king. Bunny told him to stop making silly excuses, if possible they would both have sold him. She breaks down saying that she doesn’t have any love. Yuvan hugs her and says that he is always there for her and will share half of her tears. He cries with her and comforts her. Bunny apologizes to Devraj that his family is so cheap.

Vishnu confronts his parents for betraying Bunny while Bunny takes care of him, sacrificing his basic needs. He apologizes to the bunny lying at his feet. Bunny hugs and comforts him and says that Mamusa and Mamissa should be punished instead. She takes them by the hand and leads them to the people of the basti and tells them that her own Mamusa and Mamissa have slandered her. The people of the basti curse them for defaming their own daughter. Bunny says that she made him green and cut all ties with him as punishment. Mamusa asks him not to do this since he is her maternal uncle. Bunny says that before he slandered her and called her by her name he should have thought that she had decided.

She tells Yuvan that she is always cheated everywhere, first by her father and now by her Mamusa and Mamissa. She asks Yuvan to take her away as soon as possible and asks Devraj not to delay the marriage. Mamisa blackmails Devraj and demands more money for not mentioning her name in front of Bunny. Veer calls Manini, who says that she will be there soon. He tells Devraj that Manini is on her way and that she won’t let Yuvaan and Bunny meet.

Bunny’s turmeric ritual begins. Devraj’s sister, Sulekha, performs the rituals on him first and says that she felt bad hearing about Bunny’s uncle and aunt’s betrayal and assures him that her family is always there to help him. Myra also performs the rituals and says that everyone is happy that she will soon be at her house. Bunny says that she always looked for his father in his Mamusa / Uncle, but she did not expect such a betrayal from him. Vishnu says that his brother is always loyal to him and asks him not to forget him after he leaves. Bunny forces him to do the Haldi ceremony. Myra says that it will take time for her to settle down, but while she is on the one hand heartbroken, on the other hand she will be bonding with Yuvaan. Yuvan smiles seeing her. Everyone dances and enjoys the ritual.

Manini along with Hemant arrive at Bunny’s house and are surprised to see no one there. Hemant asks Veer why she told him that the marriage is taking place here. Everyone searches the entire house and realizes that the wedding is taking place elsewhere. Manini receives a letter from Devraj stating that by the time he reads this letter, Yuvan will have married Bunny, so Manini should host Bunny’s reception at her home. Sulekha tells Devraj that it is good that he has changed the place of the marriage and tells everyone about it, remembering. Bunny reads like a bride. Yuvan applies mehndi to her hands. Devraj asks Myra to prepare Yuvan and bring him for the marriage. He feels that Manini will definitely get there to stop the marriage, so he must hurry up.

Precap: Bunny and Yuvan begin the wedding rituals as bride and groom. Manini arrives at Bunny’s house thinking that she will not allow this marriage to happen.

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