Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Faces Humiliation

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Faces Humiliation

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Faces Humiliation

Bunny Chow Home Delivery Jul 30, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Mamissa sees Yuvaan and Bunny sleeping together and tells Mamusa that she will smear Bunny all over Jodhpur and force her to marry Yuvaan. She makes an intimate photo of Yuvaan and Bunny go viral on social media. Viraj arrives at the temple and tells Manini on the phone that Yuvan and Bunny are hiding in Devnagar’s Shiva Parvati temple, it will take him 6-7 hours to get here. Manini asks him not to take Bunny lightly because she is very smart.

Devraj is shocked to see the intimate photo of Yuvan and Bunny. He calls Mamusa and informs her that she got Bananiya and Yuvan’s intimate picture from an unknown number. Mamusa says that she also got this photo, the children ruined her dignity. Mamissa sheds crocodile tears and says that the whole town must have seen the picture, her bunny’s dignity will be ruined. They see Viraj entering the temple. Devraj tells them to do something and stops Viraj from meeting Yuvan. Mamisa hit Viraj in the head from behind. Viraj faints. Mamissa and Mamusa then hide him in a warehouse.

Bunny wakes up in the morning and is surprised to see Yuvan sleeping next to her. She slaps Yuvan and asks what she was doing. She narrates the whole story and the thought process of it. Bunny says that she is a girl and that she was wrong to sleep in her bed. Yuvan says that he can’t understand anything and apologizes to her. Bunny walks away angrily.

Manini calls Viraj, but Viraj doesn’t answer the phone. She tells Veer and Aanchal to go to the Devnagar temple now. All family members get an intimate picture of Bunny and Yuvan. Hemant warns the entire family not to answer the press call. The phone begins to ring. Veer answers the phone. The reporter asked for his comments on the photo of Yuvan and Bunny. Relatives also start calling him. Hemant warns the family not to take anyone’s calls and says they don’t know what’s going on in this house.

Bunny tells Yuvan that he has to get to Delhi as soon as possible. Yuvan continues to apologize to her and seeing musical instruments near her, he thinks that he can convince her with her music. Mamusa and Mamisa wait for Devraj to arrive at the temple. Manini tells the family that she is going to Devnagar to bring her son back and says that she warned everyone not to let Bunny into her house.

Yuvan plays the flute as he gathers all the people present in the temple. Bunny sends tiffins from her clients via trucks. She hears Yuvaan playing music and thinks that if anyone recognizes Yuvaan, she will inform Manini, so she must stop Yuvaan. She wears a veil and walks silently towards Yuvan. A young devotee at the temple thinks that Yuvan is trying to apologize to his girlfriend in a unique way. Devraj arrived at the temple. Bunny catches up to Yuvan and asks him to go downstairs. In front of Mike, Yuvan apologizes to him for sleeping with him last night. That’s what everyone hears. Yuvan promises that he will never sleep with her again. Bunny stays still.

Mamisa believes she has posted photos of the entire settlement. The people of the settlement misbehave with the bunny. The devotees of the temple also curse the bunny. Bunny asks him not to scold Bunny or else he will get mad, he says that he accidentally slept with Bunny last night. Bunny tries to explain, but the devotees demand that he be kicked out of the temple. Mamissa pulls Bunny aside and says that the whole town is talking about her and Yuvan’s relationship.

Precap: The basti people demand to throw the bunny out of their basti. Devraj tries to persuade Bunny to marry Yuvan. Yuvan risks her life to save the photo of Bunny’s mother.

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