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Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvan’s Different Avatar

Bunny Chow Home Delivery Oct 27, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Bunny and Yuvan prepare for a party. Bunny asks Yuvan if the party is at the Galaxy Hotel. Yuvan says that he is and asks if they can use his scooter. Bunny says that her Dhannu can walk through narrow streets and can drive in any conditions. Yuvan says that his Dhannu is like him who insists on taking him to the hotel. Bunny drives while he sits like a pillar. He asks her to stop the scooter midway and buys her a rose. Some thugs stab him with a knife and demand that he hand over his cell phone, jewelry, wallet, etc. Yuvan agrees. Bunny scolds them, asking them to earn money by working hard instead of begging. They warned him not to act too smart. Yuvan asks Bunny to give him the jewels since his life is more valuable. Bunny fights with the thugs. The song Banno Sau Taka Re.. plays in the background. Yuvan silently watches him fight. Bunny’s rose and earring fell off. He chooses them. He hurts his hand. The thugs run away. Yuvan ties his handkerchief on his hand. She feels nervous. She says there are other ways besides fighting, she could have called the police.

Bunny and Yuvan arrive at the hotel. Charmi and Myra welcome the bunny. Viraj introduces Yuvan to everyone and says that he and Yuvan will run their family business from here. Yuvan says that he can’t give credit to one face for the success as all the staff are involved and he gives credit to the pawn, the staff, Viraj etc and says that it’s late but not much and that he gives your company yours. New heights. aid. Everyone cheered for him.

Bunny notices Dr. Sanjay who operated on Yuvan. Sanjay says that he is amazed to see Yuvan’s confidence. Bunty joins the party. Yuvan doesn’t pay much attention to him. She notices Sanjay and thanks him for treating him. Sanjay says that he should thank Bunny for bringing him in for the operation. Yuvan gives him a flash drive and asks the waiter to play it when he signals. He turns to Bunny and thanks her. He then does a romantic dance with her in the song Rang Saree Gulabi Chunariya Re.. Everyone cheered for him. A waiter bumps into him and spills juice on him. Bunny runs to him. Myra stops him and says that Yuvan will take care of it. The waiter apologizes to Yuvan. Yuvan says that he is fine and when he gives him the signal he will change the signal waiter to operate his flash drive.

The thugs enter and brutally trample Yuvan. The bleeding young man falls. They leave saying that it is his message to the heroine Bunny who messed with him. Yuvan has a flashback of Viraj stalking her and acts like a split personality. She walks up to the thugs and stomps on them more viciously. Dr. Sanjay notices that. Bunny searches for Yuvan. Charmi makes fun of him because Yuvan’s eyes were fixed on him. Yuvan becomes a completely different person.

Precap: Dr. Sanjay tells Bunny that after the surgery, Yuvan developed a split personality and would have a different name.
Yuvan calls himself Kabir Singh Rathore and threatens Dr. Sanjay not to report on him as he will be replacing Yuvan and Yuvan will not live long.

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