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Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni, Yuvan, And Tulika Feel Devastated

Bunny Chow Home Delivery 27 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Tulika tells everyone that Kabir married her by giving her sleeping pills and when she regains consciousness, he threatens her not to tell anyone about their marriage. She says that everyone knows Kabir’s anger, so she kept quiet. Agastya says that Kabir ruined everything. Bunny collapses. Yuvaan walks out of there crying. Devraj tells Bunny that Kabir ruined Bunny’s efforts. Tulika and Myra try to comfort Bunny. Bunny regains consciousness and runs after Yuvaan worrying about him.

Yuvaan tries to leave home scruffy. Bunny stops him. Yuvaan says that he ruined Bunny’s life. Bunny remembers how Yuvaan always supported her, protected her from Raja’s goons and others and how much he loves her from her. She asks him not to worry about Tulika’s tattoo on her arm and just think about how to completely defeat Kabir inside of him.

Tulika breaks down as she remembers Kabir’s love for her and their marriage. She says that Kabir and her marriage is a lie, Banni will definitely destroy Kabir inside Yuvaan. Her inner voice confronts Bunny for lying that Kabir gave her sleeping pills and married her, while the truth is that she married Kabir willingly. She recalls that Kabir took her to a temple and expressed his love for her and emotionally persuaded her to accept his love and marry him. Outside of the flashback, Tulika feels that Kabir will now be completely out of her life.

Alpana tells Devraj that everything Agastya said is true, now they are in constant fear of Kabir’s return. Hemant says that she fears that Kabir will come back more dangerous and Bunny creates more drama to save Yuvan. Veer enters with Viraj and says that this is why he asked Kabir to be sent to the asylum. Hemant gets angry with her. Tulika packed her clothes. Bunny brings him food. Tulika hides the mangalsutra from her with a vein and says that she is not hungry. Bunny says that she can understand Paintbrush’s condition, that she doesn’t need to worry even though it’s not her fault. Tulika says that Kabir is gone and Yuvaan only belongs to Bunny.

Precap: Bunny and Yuvaan cry in the night. The next morning, Tulika reveals that Kabir knows who killed his mother. Bunny says that she will find out the truth and threatens the Rathore family at knifepoint.

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