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Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya’s Conspiracy Against Yuvan

Bunny Chow Home Delivery Sep 24, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Yuvaan and Bunny romantically dance for the promotional session of the song Tumko Paya Hai. They all see their bond and give them a thunderous applause. The director praised Yuvan, Devraj made Yuvan happy. On Agastya’s orders, Rohan stole Yuvan’s medicine. An employee bumps into him and the medicine bottle falls over. Agastya silently dropped her handkerchief onto the medicine bottle and silently picked it up. Bunny goes towards them. Rohan admires Bunny and Yuvan’s dance. Bunny thanks Agastya for helping Yuvan and mentoring her. Agastya says that he is honored and happy to sort things out for himself. Bunny tells Yuvan that Agastya is her mentor for the show. Yuvan happily picks up Agastya and thanks him. Agastya says that he is Yuvan’s friend from today and asks Shruti to choose a song and instrument for Yuvan’s first round. Yuvan continues to feel happy.

Rohan tells Agastya that Yuvan’s family seems real. Agastya says that these fools are doing a good job knowing that their father is a creator and trying to get into the good books of them and their parents. He says that Rocking Star is his creation, but his father kicked him off the show because of these idiots; He will make sure that they are proven wrong and that his father accepts it. Rohan says why is he making a tutoring drama when he can take Yuvaan out of the competition without giving him any medicine just tomorrow. Agastya says that he wants to take revenge on them to the fullest. Bunny gives Yuvan medicine and asks him to practice singing. Rohan tells Agastya that he asked Yuvan’s doctor about Yuvan’s medicine, who told him that Yuvan receives this medicine since childhood to keep him under control, if he does not receive this medicine then his life will not cause harm; He silently took multivitamin pills instead of medicine and the bunny wouldn’t suspect them. Agastya says that it is better to be an immature winner than a mature loser, so he will win at all costs.

Charmi asks Bunny if he will forget Yuvan once he becomes a rock star. Bunny says that their relationship is like vegetables and salt, vegetables without salt have no flavor. Viraj enters Yuvan’s room and places his violin in a cupboard and hides behind the cupboard. Yuvan struggles to take it. Manini returns home. Bunny taunts Manini about how Yuvaan’s promo shoot was a success without her. Yuvan tries to take the violin from him and injures his shoulder. He screams in pain. Viraj quietly leaves Yuvan’s room. Bunny goes to Yuvan’s room and helps him. When the task is complete, Manini signals Viraj. He nods his head affirmatively. They both smile.

The doctor visits Yuvan and suggests that he not move his hand and take care of it. Manini acts like a worry to Yuvan. Bunny goes to get milk for Yuvan. Devraj asks how she got injured herself. Yuvan recounts the entire incident and asks about B Annie. Bunny comes in with milk and feeds him. Manini asks Viraj to inform the Rocking Star organizers that unfortunately Yuvan cannot participate this time. Yuvan and Bunny cry and comfort each other.

Precap: Bunny tells Agastya that Yuvan can’t perform tomorrow. Agastya says that she wants to meet Yuvan and tells Rohan that Yuvan’s entertainment will continue even after he sings. Bunny takes Yuvan to meet him.

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