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Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir Proves Banni’s Marriage With Yuvan Illegal?

Bunny Chow Home Delivery Nov 10, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Bunny ties Kabir’s hands and feet and feeds him sweet/sweet Yuvan kheer. Kabir protests, but finishes the kheer and remembers Bunny giving Yuvan kheer. Bunny leaves thinking that he will do something else to revive Yuvan’s memory. Kabir breaks free and thinks about hurting the bunny, but then remembers the brush’s warning not to dare hurt the bunny. He gets a call from someone and laughs saying that he won’t let Bunny take Yuvan. He goes to Bunny and makes fun of her because yesterday she bragged that Bunny and Yuvan are married, but according to the law, they cannot forcefully marry a mentally unstable person, now he will prove that all of them married Yuvan to Bunny and annulled Your marriage. Marriage.

Bunny and the family were shocked to hear this. Kabir says that now no one can stop his and Tulika’s marriage and he will prove that no one can fall in love with Bunny. Devraj says that Yuvan and Bunny were married according to custom. Kabir says it is illegal under the Indian constitution and has called in a lawyer to prove it. Hemant’s lawyer, Mr. Choudhary, walks in and says that Kabir is right. Kabir thanks her and sends her away and tells Bunny that she should throw her pride away since she can no longer prove that she is legally married to Yuvan. She announced her and Tulika’s marriage. Everyone is surprised and disappointed.

The brush tries to apply ointment to the burn on his hand and feels pain. Kabir notices this and shows her concern for her. She tells him to stay away from him. He lights his hand on the temple lamp. The brush shows her concern and caresses her wound. Kabir sees her smiling. Tu Humsar Tu Humnawa… the song plays in the background. Tulika asks what she was doing. He says that he was sharing both her love and her pain with her. Tulika realizes that it was her imagination and thinks that Kabir is just an illusion and not the truth, only Bunny’s youth is the truth. Bunny calls her and tells her that Kabir has proven her and Yuvan’s marriage to be invalid and he now wants to marry Tulika. Tulika thinks that she needs to do something now.

Bunny breaks down remembering Kabir’s words and Manini’s challenge and thinks that since she is not married to Yuvan, she has no right to be there. She packs her suitcase remembering Yuvan and her good times. She then thinks that Kabir is denying the relationship between her and Yuvan and not Yuvan himself, so she can’t just give up and leave Yuvan alone. She decides to fight Kabir and revive Yuvan.

Precap: Kabir learns that Tulika, unable to bear Kabir’s atrocities, ran away from the Rathore mansion and got mad at Bunny. Devraj asks Agatya to marry Bunny. Kabir threatens Bunny to kill Yuvan.

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