Balika Vadhu Season 2 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi offers Anand a job

Balika Vadhu Season 2 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi offers Anand a job

Balika Vadhu Season 2 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi offers Anand a job

Balika Vadhu Season 2 4th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Anandi liking the decorations. Anand says I did this to make me look real, my past took away a lot from me, but I am trying to get everything back, please sit. They sit. He says change is a good thing. She says yes, I always feel bored with Chinese. He serves her food. feed each other. She asks what about sweets. He says it is surprising, wait, I will make jalebi for you. She asks do you know it. He says no, I am presenting online videos for learning, when I was abroad I used to cook by watching videos, now I am a good cook. They have romantic moments. Together they make jalebi. Dil hum ko….plays…. He feeds her jalebi. He likes it. Diya gets a call from office. She goes.

Anand plays music. He dances with Anandi. They hug. He gets a call from Jigar. He says he is not right, he knows you are with me so he is doing this to spoil our date. She says no, she is not like that. He gets a message from Jigar that the server is down. They go to office and see Diya. Diya says I had taken the office keys with me by mistake. Anandi asks what is the situation. Jigar asks why are you here, I can handle it, I have just informed about it. Anand asks why did you message him. Jigar says it’s an office protocol to notify about a crisis. Anandi says yes. The guy says we tried rebooting the server. Anand asks can I go to Jigar and man.

Anand checks the server. Feeling liver. Anandi feels cold. Anand gives his coat. Diya says relax Jigar, don’t worry about Anandi, I am talking about Anandi, I like Anandi, she did a lot for you, me and everyone, I am worried, after Anandi’s departure. After that it will break again. He asks why will Anand go back, he is in love with Anandi. She says I also loved Vikrant, look where am I, he runs away when he comes to know about dad’s mess, I am worried about Anandi, you know how she is, go ahead. She goes.

Anand says site is operational, check the app once. Anandi checks the app. She says it is working, good work Anand, you still think that someone is trying to sabotage. He says it’s because of your customer base, update the system, let it go. He says you accept that you were wrong about Jigar. Jigar comes and says it is working, good work, come. Anand asked the boy to update the system on time. Man says amazing work, it was a pleasure working with you. Anand says work is done, let’s go home. Diya says I came alone, I will go alone, you were not there when I needed you the most, I do not need you now. He says sorry, give me a chance. She says leave me alone. She goes. Anand and Anandi leave.

Bhairavi arranges for Anand’s clothes. She takes a picture and wonders who is this girl with Anand. Anandi says goodbye, I am upset with you because of your behavior with Jigar. Anand says sorry, I know to what extent he can go. Argument. He leaves in anger.

Diya is sitting upset. Raju tells about his daughter’s problem. She says your life is straight, and my life is so troubled, there is always a war going on, Vikrant claims he will always be with me, now Anand is back, I feel like killing him, sorry , I will go. He says wait, take medicine to improve mood, I take it when I am sad. She smiles looking at the marshmallows. She thanks him. He says I will keep more toffees for you from tomorrow. Anand and Anandi remain upset. Its morning, the girls wait for Anandi. The liver sees the time. Bhairavi asks Anand what is the matter. Anand says I don’t feel like eating. She asks how was your date. Anandi comes to meet him. He says please come inside. She says a lot has changed, we need time to get used to it, so I have an offer for you, we need to spend time together, join company as a technical director. He nods and says come in. She says I will leave.

Anandi spoke to the board. She says I have to make a small announcement, we found joy in our company, he can be a great asset, a great friend. Everyone applauds. Anandi says our base is big, it is better to build internal support than outsourcing. Jigar listens to the girls. He goes to Anand and says congratulations, welcome to the team.

episode ends

Update Credits: Amena

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