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Balika Vadhu Season 2 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi makes a plan against Sharma

Balika Vadhu Season 2 17th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Episode starts with Anand asking Anandi to cancel the order with Sharma. His finger gets pricked with a needle. He asks her to show it. She says I am fine. He holds her close. They argue about Sharma’s order. He says I am the owner, this is my order. She says enough is enough. Diya stops Anandi and says I want to talk to you about Sharma, the real reason why Anand asked not to work with her. Anandi says I know she had a fight with Sharma in the party. Diya says Anand was trying to save me from embarrassment, I went to Sharma’s house with him after party, he called his friends there and molested me, Anand saved me that day, he knows that I am upset after this incident. Anandi thinks I misunderstood Anand. She says we should file police complaint against him. Diya says no, I went with him on my own wish. Anandi says still he cannot molest you, we will not do business with him. She goes to Anand.

Anandi apologizes to him for overreacting. He asks what did you say, can you repeat. She says I am sorry for overreacting. She falls on him. Thought na tha….khelas… he says ok, I will not interfere till some big problem comes. She says thank you, you should have told me about this earlier, we would have arrested Sharma. He says Diya did not talk to me. She says she is afraid of you, she is blaming herself. Diya recalls the incident. Raju brings tea for her. He tries to please her. She asks him to leave her alone. he goes. Jigar comes and asks about the status of the button. Girl says I don’t know, Anandi is handling it. Anand goes and hugs Diya. He says sorry, I should not have let you go with Sharma that day. Anandi says we will file police complaint, we decided, we have to punish her to save other girls, don’t worry about business, we can’t ignore this incident. Anand is proud of him. Thank you Diya.

Anand says this plan may backfire, we have no proof against Sharma. Anandi says we will find some way. Jigar calls Anandi and Button asks about the order. She says we will change the button designs. He says this is your call, just think once. Diya hears him. He asks are you fine. She says its my fault, everyone is upset. He says I can make relationship with Sharma. She says you mean she is right. He says don’t get me wrong, I was also like Sharma, I have hurt Anandi a lot, I respect her today, because she fought, she is a fighter, don’t be victim, fight with it and come out of it. . he goes. Anandi asks Anand not to worry, they are together. He asks are we together. He gets an idea and says we will expose all those distortions in our Holi campaign, we will give it a name, no consent, no color. Anand is right, shameless men think that they have the right to touch a girl on Holi. She says we will change the color of the button and ask female customers to join us, we should remove this victim mentality from girls and then make them warriors. He says you are amazing, we are amazing. They hug.

She goes to office. He gets buttons. She says we have to send the order today. Everyone gets to work. Diya says congratulations, we have done it. Anandi thanks everyone. She asks Diya to be the mascot of Holi so that no boy dares to misbehave with any girl. Diya shook her head. Happy smiled.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Amena

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