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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Shubham’s fight

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 30 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Ram saying that you will take responsibility for the meeting, me and Adi will not help. Shubham looks. Ram asks Tarun to find the food package. Priya makes Pihu rehearse. Meera says that Ram is still with you. Priya says yes, this competition will bring us closer. Pihu says that we will meet her tomorrow. Priya says no. Pihu says I want to meet dad please. Priya sees the drawing of the contract. She says there is a way. She calls Ram and tells him that I want job security to become her PA, sign the contract. Ram asks him to come to the office. She says I can’t go. He asks why. She says that I can’t leave Pihu alone. She says bring her, I promised to help her. She says that would be unprofessional. He says ok don’t come here I was trying to solve your problem. She says okay, I’ll take Pihu there. Ram thinks cute and Pihu made my life beautiful, it’s good now. Vedika packs her bags. She asks why are you forcing me to come back, I like him, Ram booked the resort, we should come back later, he is upset with you, not me, he texts me every day. Hey, why are you ruining my trip? . Nandini says that you think Ram only cares about you, not Shubham or me. Vedika says yes. Nandini says don’t be too trusting, his behavior towards you might change too, Priya is alive in her mind, but how. Vikrant asks why you called Lovely, Shubham and Sid also have a meeting today. Ram says yes, so what, Lovely quit earlier. Vikrant thinks about lying to Shubham. Ram thinks why he is behaving strangely. He asks what are you thinking. Vikrant doesn’t say anything, Shubham doesn’t know you’ve rehired Lovely. Ram asks him to buy cupcakes for Pihu. Vikrant says he’s so cute, will you send it through his mom? Ram says no, he’s coming. Vikrant asks why you called her daughter. He thinks that Shubham will recognize Pihu. He messages Adi and asks her to stop Priya from going to the office. Priya and Pihu arrive at the office. Adi calls her. Shubham comes there. She doesn’t see it. Ram asks what is wrong with you, why are you behaving like this. Vikrant says you could have called them somewhere else, what would the staff think? Ram says that this is not a secret, it happened because of you, you didn’t ask your wife about Pihu’s father. Vikrant says that when you know that you are his father, then you will know. He says I’ll go, I’m tense. Pihu thinks Ram’s office is big. He gets hurt. Shubham turns to see. Adi stops Shubham and says that the elevator has arrived. Shubham says lovely, right. Adi says that she has come to ask for money, she is coming for the meeting. Sid looks at Lovely and says nice to see you here, you’re back at work Ram. Look at Pihu. Priya worries. He asks who this little boy is. Priya thinks she didn’t recognize Pihu, she never met her, if she’s here, Shubham will be here, I have to go, I’ll tell Ram I have a job, I can’t take the risk. Sid asks him to come. Adi tells Vikrant that Priya has come with Pihu. Shubham comes and argues with Ram. Adi says calm down. Ram says that I will hire Lovely again. Adi says that this is wrong. Vikrant says we’ll send her back. Ram asks why you are surprised, what is the problem. Shubham says that Vedika cried for Lovely. Vikrant says that he is right, Adi you set fire to it. Ram tells her to relax, she didn’t do anything, she doesn’t know about Sid. Shubham asks why he’s interested in hiring her. Ram says that she is honest, good and honest, you don’t judge her. Adi says Shubham, I’ll help you find yourself. Shubham scolds her. Ram asks him to take care of her tongue from her.

Shubham and Ram argue. Sid comes and runs to stop Shubham. Ram asks Shubham to apologize to Adi and Vikrant otherwise get out of here. Ram says you did nothing for this company, apologize to them, you are not my brother here but an employee, if you want respect then learn respect, go away, don’t you dare come here and ask me. Who am I hiring? You have not learned to work. You can’t host a meeting without me. You want me to fire Shubham gets angry. Ram says that I am not yours, you have my debt, apologize. Shubham refuses and leaves. Adi and Vikrant pacify Ram. Sid goes after Shubham. Pihu asks if I can’t meet dad. Priya says no, we shouldn’t have come here. Pihu asks him to drink water. She reassures Priya and says that Shubham didn’t see me, luck is on our side. Priya says yes, our story can’t end like this, we won’t take the strain on Shubham, Nandini and Vedika will come tomorrow, we can celebrate with Ram, we have two days, we’ll do well. He will live on and make many memories. I don’t know what will happen next, get ready. Pihu says yes. Ram says that Shubham must respect people and work. Vikrant says that he realized this thanks to Lovely.

Nandini sees Priya and asks Ram to come back home. Pihu stops Ram. nandini leaves.

Update Credits: Amina

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