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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shubham and Ram’s argument

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Oct 26, 2022 Written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ram and Priya hugging Pihu. Shubham approaches Nandini and tells her that now this dollhouse will explode. She asks how Priya can propose to Ram. He asks her if she is waiting for him to be slapped and evicted. She asks if you have papers. He says that yes, it is written that we will get all the properties of Ram. She says that he’s fine, when Ram gets the original item, he don’t tell her about the items. Ram says that we should thank God for the happiness, I want to sign the papers and continue worshiping. He asks where the papers are. Shubham says maybe he fell, I’ll look for him. Nandini drops her phone. She looks for the documents. She thinks where did those papers go, nobody should get them. Priya thinks she might fall in there. Pihu asks about the trust papers. Meera asks him to come to her. Shubham drops the papers and calls out to Ram. Priya receives the letters of trust. Shubham is surprised. Ram asked Tarun to give him the papers. He signs the papers. He asks Ram to keep Adi in the cult. Priya informs Pihu about the trust papers. Sandy calls Ishaan. Ishaan gets the dollhouse and asks about Pihu. Shubham is watching. Ishaan says that Pihu got the dream family from him, this is also for Ram, Ram gave me a second chance, I am very happy, I will make Ram proud. Brinda says Ishaan, the dollhouse is beautiful, where did you buy it? Sara says that she has made it since the last 4 days. Ram says I’m proud of you. Ishaan says thanks, I have Roshni on this. Shubham says that when the wires spark, it will explode. Nandini says it’s not okay. Shubham says that’s fine, we’ll see if Ram forgives Ishaan or not. Meera says that Ram is always like that, he wishes he hadn’t made that mistake. Priya says give me some time, Ram will come back to you. Nandini says that it’s not okay, if something happens to Pihu, Ram won’t leave anyone. She screams, stops and pushes Pihu away. She launches the dollhouse. explodes Pihu hugs Priya. Priya asks if you’re okay.

Nandini says that the wire burned, as no one saw it. Shubham says you risked your life for this dollhouse, anything could have happened to you, they’d call it an accident. Ishaan says that I didn’t do this. Shubham says you didn’t push Shivi. Ram says to stop. Shubham says not today. Priya says it was an accident, I got grounded. Shubham asks if you will do the same thing again, kill me now. Ram says we said we wouldn’t talk about this again. Nandini says yes, you didn’t ask us what we want. Ram asks if you want Ishaan to be jailed. Priya says that if this is happening because of the trust fund, then we don’t want to. Shubham asks who is talking to you. She says that I am talking to Ram. Vrinda makes Pihu happy. Pihu says you know how I mixed up mom and dad, Meera says we should pray to God. Brind says you never did Adi and my drawing, you don’t like it. Pihu says I’ll make it. Brinda says I’ll get the newspaper. Ram says that I should stay with Priya and Pihu, that’s fine. Sara says don’t punish Ram and Priya, punish me, I accept everything. Shubham argued. Vikrant says that Shivi’s death was no joke, but your bitterness is ruining many lives. Adi asks what is Pihu’s fault in this, he thinks about it. Shubham says okay, give him what he wants, give me what I want. Pihu draws a picture. The papers fly. Pihu collects the papers. Ram asks what you want, tell me. Shubham says division.

What does Ram ask? Pihu is coming. Ram asks what you want. He asks Nandini if ​​she heard what Shubham said, this business empire is daddy’s dream, he wants to break it up and split it up. She says that he is right, there should be division. Ram cries. Pihu runs up and hugs Ram. Sandy remembers seeing someone in the room. She later thinks of talking to Ram. Sara says that I am afraid that Ram will not break. Vikrant says no, Priya is with him, she won’t let him break up. Meera says Pihu, we should go home now, come on, Ishaan, Sandy. They go. everyone leaves. Priya says that I know you are in pain, I can be your challenge. Ram says I promise you, we will be a family, trust me, it’s fine. She says more than herself. She says I’ll talk to mom and call you, you can go. She definitely asks. He makes a promise. She left.

Ram reaches Nandini. He says that this house and business is Dad’s dream. Nandini says no, he’ll be mad, you raised your hand to Shubham, he’s kidding. Ram asks how long we will hide the mistakes from him. She asks if you love us, Ram, did you ever love us? He asks what you’re asking for. she argues. She says no, you’re not with me. He says I’m with you. She says that you are not my son but Priya’s husband. He says I am both. He says that he chose Priya.

Meera says forgive me Ram. Ram argues. Nandini burns Ram’s family photo and says that I will take everything from Ram.

Update Credits: Amena

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