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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Pihu goes missing

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Sep 22, 2022 Written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Shubham saying that Priya is taking Pihu away. Nandini says don’t think, Priya and Pihu are here. He says we were going to the airport at that time, so they didn’t run. Ram says yes, they’re here, but it’s weird, it doesn’t connect, I have to talk to Priya. He goes. Shubham says that Ram didn’t get mad. She smiles and says that he got confused, now this doubt will work, this will end Ram and Priya’s relationship. Priya asks for the pictures. She asks how someone can take the pictures, someone was trying to take my daughter. She scolds the guard. Ram arrives and asks what you want removed from the night pictures. She asks if you have it, she says it’s been removed. She says that she survived. He scolds her. She questions why someone deleted the images. She says I just want to know the truth of this recording, you were eloping with my daughter, would you blame my mother?

Priya says no. She says that I forced my mother to apologize to you. She says I’m back. She says thank you for the favor. Nandini asks Pihu to come over for cupcakes. Ram asks me what should I do, if I go to sleep at night praying that you don’t go with my daughter. Priya says I think you’re going to file for sole custody of her, you’re going to take her away. She says you thought about running away. She says that she was going to make a big mistake, I realized my mistake. Nandini takes Pihu there. Priya says that I want Pihu to get your love, she is your daughter. Ram says that when it comes time to tell the truth, you try to run away. She says that she was afraid to part with him. He asks if you don’t trust him. She says I stopped. She asks you where you will take her, you will put her to sleep on the road, you will lie to her that this is an adventure, I am alive, you will put my daughter to sleep on the street. Pihu is surprised. Ram scolds Priya. They cry. Ram asks why I shouldn’t file for sole custody of Pihu, give me a reason. Pihu leaves. Nandini asks where Pihu went. Priya asks if she was here. Nandini says that she does, that she has heard that she is Ram’s daughter. Priya asks where she went she. Nandini says that she must have entered. Ram says I’ll go. Nandini says wait, try to understand, promise me, both of them won’t talk about the past and fight. They promise Nandini says she’s fine, I’ll come after I talk to Pihu. Priya says no, it’s about Pihu. Ram says Priya, go and talk to Pihu, then I’ll go, we should handle it calmly. Ram and everyone try to find Pihu. Ram scolded the guards.

Shubham says Vedika must be gone, I’ve opened the back door. Ram asks Priya to check the back door. Priya cries. Vedika hides. Ram says we’ll do it together. Priya says that I don’t know what she’s thinking. She says we’ll talk to him, I’m there. Vedika thinks that Priya doesn’t remember, I think I can save myself now. Priya stops him and asks where she was going. Vedika says I’m going home, why do you ask this? Priya asks where my daughter is. Vedika asks how I will know. Priya says you’ve done something. Vedika asks if you have gone mad. Priya checks her head and says I hit you yesterday stop the drama tell me where is Pihu? Vedika says you’ve gone crazy, maybe Ram took her. Priya asks how dare you say this, you want misunderstandings to grow, I will call the police and have you arrested. Ram calls out to Priya and asks her to get out of it. Priya leaves. Ram cries. He says I have this chain here.

Priya thinks no, no one kidnapped Pihu, she’s fine, she always wanted to know about her father. She says that we will find her, that nothing will happen to her. Ram asks how she can she go her. She says that she came to know a great truth, she will be scared. He asks why, she didn’t want her father to be someone like me. She says that she wanted you to be her father, she wants us both. He asks her where she is going. She says everything she does and thinks like you, tell me, where will you go in this situation. Ram says I was mad when I found out the truth, I thought I’d teach you a lesson, we were thinking of making a new start, I had to become the old Ram Kapoor. She says you must have gone somewhere. They say my room, where I have your memories. She says that she will also be Pihu, she has many memories with you, she loved staying at the Kapoor mansion, we will go there and find her. They go.

Pihu thinks about Ram. She says we used to have fun here, why can’t we stay here? Everyone is happy here. Ram says the house is empty, I’m scared. Priya says that Sandy will get there ahead of us, Pihu wants to spend some time alone. She asks why, maybe she felt bad about my words. She says you didn’t do anything. He asks her why she wants to be alone. He says that you also like to spend time alone to understand things, she would like to do the same, you have to make her believe that she is not alone, that she has a family. Pihu says that he loved my family, I have Ram, he is my father, I called him dad and actually he became my father, why didn’t mom and Ram tell me? Priya says that we had hidden the truth. Ram says that the truth always comes out. Priya says that the truth always brings storms for us, we have to be careful not to let anything go wrong, we have to make Pihu understand that we are her family, that she always wanted. Pihu says that I want my mom and dad to be together. She sees some shadow and concern.

Krish says that Ram has sent out custody summonses. Priya says I’ll go. Ram says that Priya has to tell me if she wants custody.

Update Credits: Amena

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