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Aur Bhai Kya Chala Hai 28 February 2022 Written Update: Credit Card

The Episode starts with Bittu and Pappu all surprised to see them and praise them for their looks. Bittu says we brought everything without any deal. Pappu says we should save ourselves from their eyes. BBC says did you win the lottery? Doctor asks you should have atleast removed the price tag. Bittu asks Pappu to remove chillies from our heads. Pappu says we should use the entire bucket. Bittu silences her and tells that we have brought credit card. BBC asked how it was possible, who gave it to you? Bittu says we went to park and got it, absolutely bank gave it. Doctors say but it is given to those who earn. Pappu told that we pay tax every month. Mirza asks but income tax is paid only once in a year, but Bittu says he means GST. Bittu enumerates all the perks of having a credit card. Mirza and Mishra request Bittu to provide us as well. he agrees.

Shanti tells Babuji that the mixer is not working again. We have to buy new. Babuji says I will ask Ramesh to bring new one. Shanti says he will repair himself. Even Sakina says that Zafar is also the same, he starts to heal himself and we lose Rs. 2700. Mirsha told that we will buy a new one, as we will get the credit card soon. Even Sakina says our fan is not working. Zafar says that credit card will also be available and will also buy cooler. Shanti and Sakina get happy.

The next day Bittu Pappu informs him that he cannot have a credit card as he has a loan which he never returned to the bank. Bittu tells about their credit score and CIBIL score. Pappu says you cannot have final credit card.

Paro is sweeping the house when Adi informs about going out. Shanti and Sakina talk that Paro is working by using expensive gifts. Paro reveals that she has a credit card, and counts on using the credit card. Paro says you buy anything and don’t even need to pay. Shanti and Sakina get impressed. Paro gets jealous of his words.

At night Mishra and Mirza are fixing the mixer and the fan respectively, and inform them that they cannot have a new one at present. They inform their wives that they have not received the credit card. Sakina and Shanti say Paro has it too, so let’s buy, but they reject the idea.
Shanti and Sakina think of talking to Bittu tomorrow.

Bittu and Pappu tell Shanti and Sakina that we will do it for your credit card as soon as possible. Shanti asks Paro to bring almond milk, but Paro does not listen. Shanti asks will we get the credit card. Pappu, Bittu denies that you shop a lot and you don’t have money, and stay on Paro. But Shanti says we will not depend on her. If you ask Pappu, bring milk.

After a few days, Inam and Adi click pictures when the postman comes to call Shanti and Sakina. They both get the credit card from the postman.

Precap:- Mirza and Mishra tell that their wives have got the credit card. Shanti and Sakina do a lot of shopping. Ammi and Babuji are not happy with their spending on the credit card.

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