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Apnapan July 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi misunderstands Nick

Apnapan July 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Nick saying that Pallavi can come over if she wants, we need to arrange a big family dinner. Shanky teases him about Pallavi. He says you made a heroic entry and beat up the legendary villain. Nick asks if you’ve seen Pallavi, I have a feeling she was trying to tell me something. Shanky says I know what she was going to say, it’s about Ranveer and Pallavi, I won’t say I’m leaving. Nick asks him to say. Shanky says Lalita said Pallavi didn’t agree with Ranveer. Nick turns and smiles. He says I really don’t care. Shanky really says you’re doing drama, you need an acting award. Nick says you’re wasting my time, we have a lot of preparations to do, we have to go home to Pallavi for her mother’s birthday. Shanky asks if you’re going there. Nick says yes, my kids are here, you’re irritating me. Shanky laughs.

Manna leaves to help Ishaan. Ishaan asks how much longer I should wait, my patience running out. She says Barkha will agree one day. Gagan comes and sings Bachna aye haseeno… They laugh. Gagan says his retro party. Barkha falls into Sid’s arms. She thanks him. Manna asks Ishaan to just ignore it. She tells about the movie Ek Villain Returns. Badal also comes singing. Ishaan sees Barkha and Manna dancing with Sid. Gagan says he’s flirting with our two sisters. Badal says let it be. Nick poses for the picture. Shanky asks Nick to smile a little. Nick says I have a stomach ache, I ate a lot. Shanky asks who asked you to eat so much. Pallavi comes and watches. She says show yourself and leave. Nick sees her. Lalita asks why you are so angry. Pallavi says he threatened me with custody and he’s celebrating. Lalita says he fought for you. Pallavi asks how dare he ask for custody, he never looked back at the kids. Lalita asks her to speak to Nick like a mature adult and tell him that a custody battle is not good. Shanky asks Nick to see Pallavi not throw the party. Nick says I don’t need her permission, she always stays hungry.

Shanky says talk to her calmly and lovingly. Pallavi and Nick pose for the picture and smile. Shanky says let’s cut the cake. Everyone clap. Pallavi angrily feeds him the cake. The photographer says sir won a grand prize. He asks her to feed the cake again for the picture. Pallavi and Nick argue. Shanky asks what the problem is, he wants to take the kids with him. Nick says yes, these are my children. Lalita says that children are only from Pallavi. Shanky argues.

Nick and Pallavi argue. Pallavi says I’ll meet you in court. Nandita comes and says all the best. Nick asks what she meant. Nandita says how should I know. She goes. Nick says I don’t understand, I want to take my kids to a party, I don’t care what she thinks.

Harsh gets Nandita’s call. She says I told Pallavi about the custody, Nick doesn’t know, she will make a mistake, she will do anything to end the custody, but don’t talk to Nick directly because of ego, Nick won’t understand, just do it your work. He says well done, she will spoil a lot, I will gain a lot from her. She says I’ll make her weaknesses your strengths. Harsh throws the arrow at Pallavi’s picture. Pallavi meets the lawyer. He says you have no interest in the restaurant, you have no money and many obligations, your property is also leased. Pallavi says yes. Lawyer scolds the peon. He says you’re losing custody of the kids. She asks for a solution. He says there’s only one solution, your marriage. She says think about it and tell me this can’t happen. He says marry in a good house settle down the court will think you take care of the kids let me meet your elders. She says not today, it’s my mother’s birthday.

The kids dance at the party at Disco Deewane…. Nani is with Nick. Pallavi calls her. Nani asks her to come home. She says you made me lie. He says I have chili chicken for you. She thanks him. She says same aroma and taste, nothing has changed. Like Pallavi, he says why are you afraid of her, I’m not afraid of anyone. He asks if you sent her the custody papers through your attorney. Nick says I spoke to the attorney. Nani says I told Pallavi you can’t do something like that, talk to her, you guys still fight like kids. He says she always fights, I’ll tell her that today. She asks if you’re really going to talk to her. He thinks I’ll talk to her today.

Pallavi talks to Ranveer and Lalita and cries. Harsh says this will be the last party in this house.

Update credit to: Amena

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