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Apnapan 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sonali hides from Nick

Apnapan Sep 7, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Nick and Pallavi trying to talk the kids out of doing anything wrong in front of Dadi. She asks Badal where you were. Nick tells him to focus. Barkha sees Ishaan and his family. She is going to welcome you. Nick asks if she invited them. Pallavi says no, don’t blame me. Ishaan goes with Manna. Nimmi taunts Nick and Pallavi. Ishaan gives Manna money. Mana thanks you. Barkha introduces Ishaan’s family to Dadi. Grandma welcomed them. Nimmi says that we are happy to meet you, seeing your love for Barkha reveals that she is Nick’s daughter and not Pallavi’s daughter. Everyone cares. Dadi says that Barkha is his daughter. Nimmi says but Nick and Pallavi… Nick asks them to come eat. Manna gives Badal money. He thanks you. She says there’s no secret now, say who she is. She says give me some time, this is a big secret, I’ll tell you tomorrow. She says no, tell me now. She says please try to understand. She says fine, tell me when you’re comfortable. He asks her to leave, Pallavi can see them and questions. She goes. she he she wants.

He is going to meet Sonali. She closes the door. She says if your mom and dad know I’m here, then… he says I brought you home because you’ll be safe here, everyone’s busy with guests. He says that if they see me it will be a big drama. He says thoughts. He holds her veil over her face. Nikhil comes and sees. Ishaan asks Barkha to let go of his hand. She asks you to click on a selfie. Manna asks what is going on here. She asks Manna to come over. They click on selfies. Manna asks him to bring them a drink. He goes. Barkha asks why Ishaan is upset with me. Manna says I don’t know. Barkha says that you and Ishaan avoided me. Manna says that she didn’t know you wanted to do decorations, why did you invite her family, she doesn’t feel comfortable. Barkha says that you are interfering in my life. Nick wonders who this veiled guest is, what Badal is doing here. He asks who he is. Badal lies that he is the mother of his best friend, he had come to take notes. Nick says he’s fine, take care of him. Badal gives money saying that they are the same bills that he wanted. Sonali says thank you. Nick hears her voice and thinks of her. He asks where Barkha is. Badal says that she will be downstairs. Nick says to enjoy the party. He goes to investigate.

Badal says that was a good idea, ghunghat wali masa, relax and enjoy the party, I’ll leave you later. Sonali smiles and says blessings. Dadi asks Pallavi if he called the lawyer. Pallavi says that he was going to call. The lawyer arrives. He sees the same lawyer Rastogi. He says that you are the famous Mrs. Kiran Jai Singh. Dadi says that he was waiting for you. Rastogi says that Pallavi knows me well. Nick comes over and worries.

He congratulates Rastogi and says that he is a great lawyer, that he will not have time for my mother. Rastogi says no, I’ll be happy to do his job, I’ll give him an extra 10 percent discount. Dadi asks Nick and Pallavi to join other guests. She goes with the lawyer. Nadita smiled. Nani sees Sonali and asks her to listen. She ran into a lawyer. Sonali catches him. Nani says I haven’t seen you before. Sonali says that I have come to meet Badal. Nani says yes, Nick told me that Badal’s friend’s mother has come, she eats food, your touch and your voice are familiar to me. Sonali says yes. Look at Pallavi. Nani talks about the mother of Badal’s friend. Badal comes over and says maasi, come with me to the food counter. Pallavi says I’ve seen her somewhere, I don’t remember, you know where Dadi and Rastogi are. Nani says I don’t know. Badal says don’t talk to anyone. Sonali says that I don’t want to get into his notice. He asks him to keep his distance from her. He says please go and wait for me in the room. Nick says I’m going to have a mother. He says I told you to talk to mom. He says that if she crosses the border I will not leave Rastogi. She says he’s a good man, you’re doubting him. She says that he posted those messages to defame me. She asks what exactly. He says this is your problem, you trust the wrong person. She coughs. Nick asks the waiter for water. Nandita says that Rastogi’s phone is not available. Sagar says there is no network in the house. Grandma draws everyone’s attention. Pallavi says that I will go, if he gives me a property, they will blame me. Nick says I won’t let anyone blame you. Dadi says that it takes a lot of work to unite a family, when my son and daughter-in-law divorced, I felt sad, God gave me a chance to be happy again, I am sure that every person has a second chance. I’ll give you a second too. Nimi scoffs. Dadi says they have given each other a second chance, I want them to have a strong bond, we will do their roka, mehendi and marriage again. Nick and Pallavi are shocked. Shanky and Lalita smile.

Pallavi says I’m waiting for Nick. Lalita says that he is at the cafe. Badal searches for Sonali. Pallavi wonders where Nick went.

Update Credits: Amena

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