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Apnapan 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi and Nick support each other

Apnapan Aug 4, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode starts with Pallavi saying that Nick is the best chef, when his son dreams of becoming a chef why doesn’t he train him? Journalists agree with him. The neighbor says Badal, we didn’t know you wanted to be a chef, nobody can make fun of the children of a small town. Manna asks him to tell her dream. Badal says yes, it is my dream to get on the list of best chefs, Nick is my idol, who can be a better mentor than him. Everyone claps. The reporter says I heard that Nick is an alcoholic. Pallavi says that I am his ex-wife, it is not difficult for an ex to prove that the husband is abusive, Nick was not like that and is not like that now. The woman says if Nick is so good, why are you leaving him and marrying Ranveer?

Nick says we can’t hear shit about the Pallavi character from our neighbor, she’s raised three kids on her own, she has an old lady to look after, we’re at a professional event, I don’t want any ladies here. I do not tolerate insults, it is Pallavi’s decision, I do not think she is accountable to anyone, Badal’s talk is over, I want to tell you something, every parent wants to give their own experience to their children, I always wish Badal to succeed in all. Territory, it is my responsibility and right too, this passion is also in his genes. Badal wept with joy. The reporter says I’m a single father too, I get it, Salaam. Everyone claps. Nick says that I have to make an announcement, this cafe belongs to Badal from today because he has talent and he deserves it. Everyone claps. Harsh thinks wow dad…. Badal hugs Pallavi. hard sheets The children hug Pallavi and Nick. The lady asks Pallavi with whom the children will stay after her marriage to Ranveer. Manna asks if you’re that worried about your daughter Bitti, this is a press meeting, go and have a kitty party at home, we’ll send you sandwiches and juice from Badal’s cafe. The woman taunts Nick. She asks if you came here for a few days or left. Gagan says that she is not going anywhere. Barkha says that we will be a family. An old woman arrives. Shanky asks the media to come to the food counter. Lalita says that she is in us today. Nick says no problem, please enjoy. Everybody eats food. Pradeep calls Rastogi and tells him that Nick has media support. The man says that Nick has his whole family by his side.

Nandita asks Nick to come. She says that you are giving this coffee to Badal, they are your children, you should have discussed this business matter with me. She says it’s about my family, can we talk later? He goes. Pallavi laughed as he watched him fight the staff. Shambhu praises her. Lalita tells her to be happy, that everything will be fine. Pallavi says that she wishes it were so.

She says that Nick said he wants to fight me, I have some relief here. The children talk about her future. Gagan says I have to think about my future. Manna asks what about the mother and this family. Barkha says that the mother talked about the marriage, you were very surprised. Manna says yes, she impressed me because mom wasn’t with me until now, I became selfish, I realized that she is a woman too, she has the right to be happy. Barkha asks if we are okay with her second marriage. Gagan says we’ll talk later, it’s a special day for Badal.

Nick and Pallavi work in a cafe. Get dizzy. He gives her water. Lalita and Shanky smile when they see them. Shanky says that when we think they will turn against each other, they come together. Lalita says that Pallavi did a wonderful job. He says that Nick made a deal with Vishal. Nick gets a call and leaves. Pallavi also leaves. She feels tired. Ranveer brought him a cup of coffee. She laughs. Nick sees them talking. He angrily crushes the glass of coffee. The coffee falls on his hand. Nandita comes looking for help. She sees Pallavi and Ranveer. She takes Nick with her. She shows the custody papers. She says look at her cunning, don’t get caught up in her game. Nick says I know what to do. He bumps into Ranveer. He asks what you do here, when you’re suspended from coffee.

Nick says ask their lawyer Rastogi and Ranveer to do anything I’ll do my best. She sees that some people are moving the furniture out of the house and tries to stop them. She cries.

Update Credits: Amena

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