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Apnapan 26th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Nandita manipulates Ranveer

Apnapan Aug 26, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Nandita coming home. Nick worries. Dadi stops him and asks where the Rakhi plate is. Pallavi says that he asked me to keep the dish ready, how can a sister forget to tie the rakhi? She motions for Nick to sit down. Nick shakes his head. Nandita ties rakhi to Nick and performs rituals. Grandma is going to dinner. Nandita asks Nick for help. He asks what you want. She tells the truth. He says don’t you dare say anything to him, someone else can say this too. He asks who. A neighbor comes and calls Nick. She asks if you stay here. She asks if Pallavi did nick and they get back together. She says you said you’re going to marry Ranveer, so what is it? Dadi asks who is this lady, what is she saying to her.

Nandita smiles and remembers having listened to the neighbors. She asks him to ask Pallavi about Nick. She says that only Pallavi can clear your doubts. The driver says the car has started. Nandita asks the woman to go and check herself. FB finished. The woman says that everyone is worried that you will marry Ranveer. Dadi asks who she is. The lady says I’m her neighbor. Nick says she’s my mom, we’re having a family function. The lady asks why you stay here. Nani and the children hide and ask the woman to leave. The lady says that if Pallavi’s marriage to Ranveer breaks down, why would you send Laddus? Dadi yells out who is Ranveer.

Nandita says you’ll get sick, why do you ask. Dadi asks Pallavi to tell the truth. Manna lies to Dadi that her neighbor is crazy. Children make up stories. Dadi says that Pallavi is right, we should talk to those people with love. She asks the woman to sit down and talk. Manna tells the lady to rest. She says that Nick is our father, do you remember whose marriage broke up? The woman says Barkha’s marriage. The children won’t let him say that.

Gagan asks the lady if she took her meds. The woman says that she does not. Barkha says that this is happening. Nani says she takes laddus for Mohan. The lady asks who Mohan is. Nani says your son. The woman says that she does not understand. Nani asked them to be quiet. She says that she does not leave the house in this condition, take medication and do yoga. The children take the woman out. Nick and Pallavi laugh. Nandita thinks that somehow I have to tell Mom that Pallavi is going to marry someone else. Pallavi hugs her daughters. Pallavi asks Dadi to sit down, she will bring tea. Dadi gives his bracelets to Pallavi. She asks him to keep using it. Nandita coughs. Grandma teases him for spying. Nandita says I’m leaving. Didi asked him to leave. Pallavi asks Nandita to have some tea. Nandita refused. Pallavi says that she is your daughter, she wants your love. Dadi says I know her well, don’t worry. Manna and Barkha laugh and hug, talking about the neighbor. Ishaan calls Mana. He asks what gift you get in Rakhi. She says there was a lot of drama today. She tells him everything. She says thank you for encouraging me to do business, I want to give you a gift. She congratulated Barkha. Barkha thinks she can ask me to meet him. Manna goes. Barkha thinks he didn’t ask me how I am. Ranveer comes to meet Nandita. She asks how you are. He asks if you have any work. He says you lost your job, I wanted to apologize on his behalf. He says I forgot about all this, don’t worry. She asks about Pallavi why she doesn’t make her decision official, she wants to spend her life with him. She abuses him. He says don’t worry, I won’t let Pallavi’s name be tarnished. She says nice to meet you. He’s leaving. She thinks that once Ranveer announces the marriage, Pallavi will have to tell Dadi the truth.

Pallavi makes aarti and gives it to Nick. Nandita says that Nick should leave town. Ranveer proposes to Pallavi. Grandma was surprised.

Update Credits: Amena

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