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Apnapan 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi warns Sonali

Apnapan Oct 11, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode starts with Pallavi saying that I’m doing this for mom. Nick invites her to tea. She says that I am fasting. She says no one is looking at you here. She says that I cannot break my mother’s trust, it is my fast, I will break the fast later. Nick notices her good and bad habits. He writes the bad habits of him. Gagan says that Ranveer used to pay the electricity bill. Nandita says that you are close to Ranveer, something happened, there was some problem. Gagan and Badal receive a food package. They go. Sonali asks if you are alright, why are you talking about Ranveer. Nandita says my mind is racing fast. Sonali says I’ll handle it myself. Nandita says relax, you will have nick, we have to take away Pallavi’s only support, divide and conquer, separate Maa and Pallavi, because my mother is Pallavi’s support, then mother will hate her, our job is easy. Sonali asks why you bring Ranveer into this. Nandita says relax, I’ll tell you. Nick asks Pallavi to tell him about his bad habits. He says I drink a lot of tea, that’s all. He asks if you have a bad habit. She says yes, what should I do. She says there is another bad habit, you never accept the truth, look here, it’s true, all colors look good on you, you will wear it. She said yes. They smile. Manna comes over and jokes around seeing them. She says I’ll pick out jewelry. Pallavi displays fake jewelry. Nick thinks Pallavi only has fake jewelry. Pallavi prepares. Grandma praised her. Manna says that dad chose her outfit. Dadi asks Pallavi to light the Akhand Jyoti.

Grandma lights the lamp by pouring ghee. She asks Pallavi if she will sit until sunset. She asks if you’re leaving. Manna says that they should both hang out, dad isn’t like that. Sonali come. She thinks that Nick has to come see me now. She texts Nick. Pallavi says she go to work, come back soon. Nick smiles and leaves. He checks the message. Sonali is waiting for you. Pallavi comes over and asks why you called Nick here. He remembers deleting Sonali’s message.

Sonali says you deleted my message. Pallavi asks what is the problem here, what do you want. Sonali says you can’t hear it. Logic. Pallavi says we’re doing this for mom. Sonali says you want to know the truth. Dadi asks who has cut off Ranveer’s name. Gagan says we didn’t, he’s part of our family. Dadi calls Ranveer. Sonali asks Pallavi to see Nick and herself. She makes fun of Sonali. She asks if you still think he loves you. Pallavi says that he does love me. Sonali says that you are a simple middle-class lady, Nick attracts many girls’ attention, he will not pay attention to you. She scolds Pallavi and fires her. Nandita applauds Sonali and says that it is called the Sonali effect, I am very happy, be alert, Pallavi is not stupid. Sonali says that he is insecure, it is working for me, Pallavi thinks that she does not deserve Nick, she will always doubt him, even if he loves her, he will have my rights. Nandini says but so confident. Sonali says that Pallavi accepted that Nick cheated on her, her low self-esteem, I still use her today. Nandita says I’m very impressed with you. She goes. Dadi calls Ranveer and invites him to the wedding. She says just come. She says sorry I can’t go. Dadi says that Ranveer disconnected the phone. Nandita says that I think Ranveer is avoiding everyone, I don’t know why. She goes. Dadi says that she is right. Pallavi thinks I’m not worth it Nick.

Nick eats something and passes out. Pallavi and Ranveer arrive. Sonali says that it is good that we received the injection on time.

Update Credits: Amena

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